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Access to Exeter Bursary

Information for 2014/15 Entrants

This information applies to students who started their studies in September 2014.


The Access to Exeter Bursary is a non-competitive bursary. For students who started their studies in 2014/15 it will be available to full-time UK and EU undergraduate students whose household income is between £16,001 and £42,600. It is a non-repayable award paid in addition to any statutory support from the government.

Students must make an 'Application for Student Finance' for means-tested Student Finance. 

The household income figure calculated by the body assessing your application for Student Finance (e.g. Student Finance England) will be used to assess your eligibility for the bursary and the level of award you will receive.

The table below shows the household income thresholds and bursary amounts for 2018/19.

Household IncomeAccess to Exeter Bursary
£16,000 to £25,000 £1,050
£25,001 to £35,000 £800
£35,001 to £42,600 £550

Provided you continue to meet the eligibility criteria (see below), you should receive the bursary for each year of your undergraduate studies at Exeter.


  • From a household with an income between £16,000 and £42,600
  • Registered full-time undergraduate with Home Fee Status (UK or EU)
  • Applied and approved for means-tested funding through student finance providers via Student Finance Direct
  • Paying tuition fees of £9,250*

* Some students will not be paying the full fees personally so are not eligible for this bursary; these include NHS funded students. Please check your course details if you are unsure.

How to apply

To be considered for a UK Access to Exeter Bursary in 2018/19, you must:

  • Complete an 'Application for Student Finance' for the 2018/19 academic year, making sure you apply for the full package of means-tested support available and supply all evidence requested. You can find full details from DirectGov.
  • Give consentfor your household income details to be shared with the University of Exeter when you make your application for student finance (your household income figure will then be automatically sent to the University and used to assess you for the bursary).
  • Register with the University of Exeter for the academic year 2018/19
  • EU students wishing to be considered for a bursary, who qualify for tuition fee support only, will need to complete an Higher Education Bursary Application form, available from Student Finance England.

Notification of your Bursary

Eligible students will receive written confirmation of their bursary award once the Student Finance assessment has been completed and the household income figure has been received by the University.

Once you have registered at the University you can check confirmation of your bursary award using the finance tab of your on-line Student Records System account. If you are still unsure please contact the Student Funding Team using the details below.

Payment of your Bursary

Your bursary will be paid into your bank account in three termly instalments. Exact amounts and dates can be found by looking on the household income for 2014/15 page.

Terms and Conditions

For further information on our bursary schemes, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section in the Student Information Desk (SID) or see our Terms and Conditions.