The Scholarships team are responsible for the central administration of both College funded and Research funded Scholarships. This administration involves updating student accounts with fee reductions, making regular maintenance payments and providing Scholarship support to College staff and Students.

The Scholarships team are not involved with the application process and queries regarding applications, outcomes or decisions should be directed to College staff.

New applicants

The University of Exeter has a large number of scholarships and bursaries which are available to its Students. Scholarships are awarded for a number of different reasons - these may include academic merit, personal achievement and intellectual ability. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship please view our funding database for details of what is available and how to apply.

Alternatively you can contact your school administrator directly for more information on what funding is available.

Confirmed Scholarships and Returning Students

Once Scholarship awards have been confirmed by College staff, details are passed internally to the Student Funding Team. Student accounts are then updated with fee scholarship information and maintenance payments are created. The Student Funding Team can assist with a number of scholarship queries including payment amounts, payment dates and level of fee scholarship.

Useful Information

The Maintenance Payment dates are:

1st October 2016
1st November 2016
1st December 2016
1st January 2017
1st February 2017
1st March 2017
1st April 2017
1st May 2017
1st June 2017
1st July 2017
1st August 2017
1st September 2017















It is possible payments are made a few days before these dates (due to bank holidays, for example) however students should plan their finance with the above dates in mind. Once awards have been confirmed, and maintenance payments created, you will be able to view a payment schedule via the "Finance" tab, in the Student Records System.

Bank details and Registration

In order for us to process maintenance payments, students must have registered with the University for the applicable academic year and have supplied their bank details. You can add or edit bank details during registration or at anytime after you have registered by logging onto your personal student account.

If we have the incorrect bank details then payments may be paid to an incorrect account. Should this happen, the funds will need to be reclaimed before a payment can be made to your correct account. The timescale of this repayment then rests with the bank. We advise all students to check their bank details are present and accurate by visiting their student record.


If you interrupt or withdraw from your studies, you may need to repay part of your scholarship award.
Any possible repayment will be discussed with your college and you will be contacted separately to advise of any balance which needs to be returned to the University.