Publishing procedure and governance

Unlike a website, iExeter cannot be quickly changed or added to. Students are required to update the app on their device following each publish, and because of this a regular publishing process is in place to limit the number of these requests that are made of them.

Updates are published in the second week of each month. Any requests for basic changes need to be submitted by the first week of the month to allow time for processing, whilst more substantial requests or suggestions for new information should be discussed first.

Due to these constraints any new content needs to be

  • carefully checked
  • fully authorised
  • submitted at the appropriate time.

Incorrect information cannot be revoked, edited or removed once it has been published. Because there is also the potential for users to ignore update prompts it is vital that content is correct and suitable.


Amendments or changes to existing content, as well as ideas for new content, features or sections should be sent to Ben Richards in the Web Team.

Feature banners/space

The main page of the app has an area which can be used to display key messages or promotions. Requests or suggestions for these should be sent to

Writing and style guide

All content and images must be used with the copyright owner’s permission, as explained in the University’s image copyright and permission guidelines.

Text should be concise, functional and follow the University of Exeter style guide. Apps tend to be task based with limited space, so much of the content currently on the website may not be suitable for iExeter.