We are building more 'Info at' points and hubs so that you have the services and facilities you need, right where you need them

More hubs coming soon

Hubs are the very best way for you to get support with everything you need right where you need it.

You can get your questions answered and access support quickly and easily from the teams available at your information point. This includes improved access to careers and wellbeing support which we know are really important services for our students.

You will have more space to study and socialise with brand new facilities in most of our hubs, and where possible, we have also created additional café facilities alongside self service areas in each new hub, so that you can grab a coffee or lunch whilst studying, meeting your tutor or attending your lectures.

Every hub across the University will work in exactly the same way, so you’ll also receive the same high standard of service no matter where you ask for support and whatever subject you’re studying.

We have already created hubs in busy areas across all our campuses at the University, and we are now creating even more with some ‘Info at’ points already up and running – look out for the ‘Info at’ logo in the following buildings:

BuildingReady for useDiscipline-specific advice
Peter Chalk Late spring 2018 Biosciences, Natural Sciences & Physics
Amory TBC Politics, Law, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Geography, Classics and Ancient History, History, Liberal Arts, Theology & Religion, Archaeology

Getting ready to launch

Work continues on the Peter Chalk hub and this will be ready next year, with the Amory hub following (exact date to be confirmed).

We want to provide the best possible experience for you while you study at the University and we have received really positive feedback from students on the hubs that are already in place. We are confident that by creating even more hubs, your access to the services and facilities you need will continue to improve.

Further information 

If you have a question about the information points and hubs, please email hubs@exeter.ac.uk