Latest news - 21 May 18

Construction work is underway on your new Amory space and work has begun to strip out the existing ground floor area in preparation for interior work to begin.









Whilst construction work takes place the front entrance of the building is closed whilst this takes place. Access into the building is available via the following locations: 

  • right of main entrance – follow path around the end of the building into the rear car park, entering on the first floor
  • left of main entrance – follow path around the side of the building, entering on the second floor
  • from North Park Road to rear entrance of building (‘C area’)

Access to the ground floor quiet study space only can be made by following the path to the right of the main entrance, entering through the fire exit on the ground floor (starred on the map below).











Relocation of academic tutors

Due to the construction work some academic staff have been required to relocate:

  • SPA (Sociology, Philiosphy and Anthopology) GTA and PTA - moved to Rm A342
  • University of Law - moved to Rm A20 and A21
  • LAW PGR students - moved to B220
  • SPA PGR Students - moved to Rm 502
  • Education support within the SSIS College Office, Hums Education Support, Law Office, Politics Office and Geography Reception have combined to form the new Amory Education Support Team. Support is available from the temporary Information Point based in C252 (former Geography reception).

Education Support

The newly combined Education Support team will provide support for all disciplines within Amory. Education Support services will continue throughout all of the works and will be on hand to support you as they do currently, based in room C252 (former Geography Reception). The office is open 8.15am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Existing contact details, including email, will remain the same (note - if using, please email your usual individual discipline email address instead).

Study Space and Exams

The ground floor quiet study space will continue in use and will be accessible externally. We are also creating alternative study space in rooms C417 and C502 from mid April. There are additional temporary and permanent study spaces across Streatham campus this summer – see online for further details. Exams will be moved away from Amory this summer.

Designing your new space

We have undertaken detailed planning for the building of the Amory hub including workshops with students, academic staff and professional services colleagues to develop practical designs for the space and ensure we are able to provide the best space possible for all users of the building. You can view the floor plan of the new hub below.

Project Delivery Team 

For each of the hubs, a Project Delivery Team (PDT) was set up of academics, students and staff who will use the hub. The Amory PDT have been working on the design of the Amory hub. Members of the PDT are:

Amory Hub Project Delivery Team
Jamie Horsley Head of Student Services
Karen Ball College Registrar for Social Sciences and International Studies
Stewart Barr Director of Education for Geography
Henry Buller Head of Geography
David Lewis Director of Education for Politics

Richard Edwards Head of Law School
Matthew Rendle Director of Education for History
Morwenna Ludlow Head of Theology and Religion
Barbara Powell Education Business Partner for Life and Environmental Sciences
Joanna Thomas

Amory Hub Manager and SSIS Student Services Manager
Helen Terry Student Services Team Leader for Geography
Rachel Hogden Education Business Partner for Humanities
Jennifer Lea Senior Administrator (Programme Support)
Suzanne Byrch Education Business Partner for Social Sciences and International Studies
Holly Wheaton Amory Hub Manager
Gill Preston Project Lead
Jackie Shrimpton Project Manager
Plus from the Guild:
Katalina Karamani  Vice President Welfare and Diversity

You can email the team if you have any questions.