Your temporary info point is in the Physics building and is open from 8.15am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

New services and facilities for Peter Chalk

Building work continues for developing a major new space at Peter Chalk which will see a range of new facilities for students and staff. This will include the Info at Peter Chalk information point where you will be able to get consistent education support, and help and advice on general and programme specific queries.

Whilst building work is underway for the new hub within Peter Chalk, we have created a temporary ‘Info at Peter Chalk’, which will be based in the Physics building until the new hub is ready to use.

This means you will benefit from consistent education support services straight away and there will be minimal disruption next year once the team move location to Peter Chalk.

The information point will be open from 8.15am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, and will be able to provide information in relation to your course, as well as signposting for two of our most important services; careers and wellbeing. You will be able to find out more at the information point.

This is just the start!

As part of the new Peter Chalk hub, opening in late spring 2018, we are also creating an additional 105 new study spaces, a new café and self-service catering facilities which will include microwaves and hot/cold water.

This work will provide the facilities and services locally to give the support when it is needed, and will help us to create a sense of community for local disciplines, Biosciences, Flexible Combined Honours, Natural Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and for all students who regularly access Peter Chalk.

What's to come

Construction work on Peter Chalk began in June 2017, and we thought you might be interested in looking at some of the designs - these can be seen below.

These designs show the new study space, retaining the current ‘grab and go’ café, adding self-service refreshments, an Information Point, co-located discipline office and two meeting rooms as well as a refreshed Physics reception area, corridor and basement. To enable this design, we will be re-positioning three of the Peter Chalk seminar rooms to the rear of the building.  

While there is still more to do to complete these designs, they offer a taste of what’s to come in 2018.

Concept designs

Agreed design (April 2017)

Building works, disruption and building closure

The first phase of construction for the Peter Chalk Hub began in June 2017 and will continue until late spring 2017.

The three seminar rooms are expected to be returned at the end of Term 2, with alternative spaces used during Term 1 and 2.

Every effort will be made to minimise the noise and disruption during the works, including boarding and soundproofing affected areas and reviewing the timing and approach of the works being carried out (schedules of specific works during the day (early/later), using different construction materials, approaches and machinery, etc.)

Keeping you updated

While we are sensitive to the need to minimise noise, there will inevitably be some noise and vibration disruption. We will undertake regular meetings with the construction company, Willmot Dixon to keep you up to date on the planned works. Every week, we will provide details for planned works over the next three weeks, highlighting any potential noise and disruption, so that you have as much notice as possible to make any alternative arrangements.

Project Delivery Team

For each of the hubs, a Project Delivery Team (PDT) was set up of academics, students and staff who will use the hub. Members of the PDT are:

Peter Chalk Hub Project Delivery Team
Jamie Horsley Joint Project Sponsor
Linda Peka Project Sponsor
Cathy Durston College Registrar
Alan Usher Physics Academic Representative
Mark Ramsdale DOE Biosciences
Sara Burton Biosciences Academic Representative
Rob Plastow Education Business Partner for CEMPS
Barbara Powell Education Business Partner for Life and Environmental Sciences
Liz James CLES Infrastructure Lead
Meg Harris Biosciences Professional Services Team Lead
Jackie Shrimpton Project Lead
Plus from the Guild:
Laura Howard Academic Representation Coordinator
Alec James Vice President Welfare and Diversity

How can I get involved?

We have worked hard to ensure these spaces match the requirements of colleagues and students. For those interested in finding out more, or contributing ideas at a local level, you can contact members of the PDT or communicate with the team for further information.

If you have a question about the information points and hubs in general, please email