Creating more flexible, resilient and efficient services to consistently meet your needs

We are reorganising your Student Services

We recognise how important it is that you receive the very best support and advice on your studies and to ensure we are keeping up to date with what you need, we are reorganising the teams who deliver education services to students and academics. 

Our priority is to ensure that you continue to receive the highest standards of service from the education teams in your college. We are aiming to create a more flexible, resilient and efficient service to consistently meet your needs.

Keeping you up to date

Click on the information below to find out more about why we are making these changes and how quickly they will happen. We also aim to provide you with regular updates on how this project is progressing. If you do have any questions please get in touch with the Guild Education VP or contact the project directly on

We have undertaken a process of consultation with staff in our student services teams. Staff within these teams were encouraged to carefully consider the proposals and feedback their views and comments. This formal consultation closed on 24 November and the feedback from staff and students has been reviewed and considered.

We are now working with staff within these teams to finalise this process and embed our new ways of working so that we can continue to deliver the best possible service to our students and staff.

We hope to have our new teams fully in place by the end of February 2018.

If you have any questions, please do feedback via the Guild Education VP or contact the project directly on

We have been undertaking work on the design of a new structure for our student services teams and this has now been approved by the Board overseeing this process (the Exeter transformation Board). We will begin the formal process of consulting with staff in these teams in October 2017 and hope to implement the new structure by the end of February 2018.

We will be working closely with colleagues who are affected by this change to ensure everyone is fully aware of how they can be involved and have an opportunity to feedback on the proposed structure.

If you have any questions, please do feedback via the Guild Education VP or contact the project directly on


Update from 22/05/2017

In April, we announced plans to reorganise the teams who deliver services to students and academics teams.

Throughout the reorganisation, we are prioritising continuation of high standards of service from the education teams in your college. The ultimate aim of the work is to create a more flexible, resilient and efficient service that meets your needs.

We’re providing the Student Services Team, students and academic community with regular progress updates.

Progress to date

Work is underway on the project, supported by the Education Executive and relevant staff across the University. Our intention is to commence the process in October 2017 with a completion by the end of February 2018. We remain on track with this work and will keep the student community updated on this page as the process takes shape.

The teams that deliver education services at a local level are made up of three different services which are at different stages of change or reorganisation:

  • Student Services - this is the largest group within these services and isthe focus of this work and the information on this website.
  • Library Service - this service has completed its reorganisation.
  • Student Employability and Academic Success (SEAS) - changes to this service are to be confirmed. 

We are introducing hubs across our campuses to make support services more accessible in locations close to where you study and meet with your academic tutors. A key part of each hub will be the information point, where our student services teams will deliver an even more consistent, high-quality service. Hubs will create:

  • Enhanced study space, catering and more accessible student services support staff; creating a community.
  • Improved processes to provide consistency and better quality, efficient service for students. 

As part of this development, we need to reorganise the Student Services team to enhance and future-proof the service:

  • To ensure teams are the right size so that they can continue to support you regardless of holiday or sickness.
  • To provide you with a consistent service so that whichever hub you go to, you get the same advice and service.
  • To align teams around each hub.

We need to ensure the teams fit into the new hub structure. We want to enable them to work in a more joined-up way to provide constant coverage of services, regardless of circumstances, providing consistent advice and guidance. In this way, we can continually improve the service we deliver to you.   

We want our future Student Services team to aspire to:

  • Provide an excellent educational experience through the provision of responsive, reliable and easily accessible administration, backed up by strong NSS scores.
  • Services positioned where they can be easily accessed by students.
  • Be joined-up and flexible ways of working across all service areas.
  • Be continually evolving the service to delight academics and students.

This year

To create the foundation for delivering services where you need them, we are looking at the teams who directly support students in colleges and who work with students on key areas including exams, coursework, mitigation.

Next year

We will be looking at the teams who have to follow very different processes and other specialist programme teams and the more specialist student services teams, for example, SID and Student Records.

We are focusing on how students and academics receive administrative support for education activities. Work has already been undertaken to identify ways to improve the efficiency and quality of this support and the teams are now focusing on implementing the improved ways of working.

Work on the reorganisation of teams began in April 2017. We are aiming to let staff and students know what will be changing in October 2017. Nothing will change until January 2018. We will keep staff and students informed through regular updates throughout this time.  

There is no perfect moment to do this at because these teams are busy throughout the year. The work to create the hubs has reached a point where the next logical step is to reshape the teams to align with the hubs hubs and so this work is now being progressed.

We need staff and students to be involved in the future design of the teams that deliver education student sevices to ensure that the service continues to meet your needs. Because this work will impact on the Professional Service team, we are undertaking consultation in an appropriate and sensitive manner.

Focus groups of academics and Guild/FXU representatives are being invited to input and feedback on the proposed design, as will the Education Executive.

In summary

We are committed to keeping in touch with you throughout the process and welcome your questions and comments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.   

Contact the project with any questions or comments