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Police Registration

Police Registration

If you are studying for more than 6 months and are from one of the countries listed below, you are required to register with the police within 7 days of arrival in the UK as a condition of your visa. You should aim to do this as soon as practically possible.

Afghanistan Algeria Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain
Belarus Bolivia Brazil China Colombia Cuba
Egypt Georgia Iran Iraq Israel Jordan
Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Libya Moldova
Morocco North Korea Oman Palestine Peru Qatar
Russia Saudi Arabia Sudan Syria Tajikistan Tunisia
Turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Ukraine Uzbekistan Yemen

The police registration condition will be noted on your 90 day entry clearance vignette (visa sticker), or on your Home Office decision letter or email.  It is important that you arrange to register as soon as possible.  It is an offence not to register and failure to register could have future immigration implications.

If your visa does not mention police registration and you are on the list of nationals who should expect to register, please contact us and we can advise you further. 

Arriving January 2022 onwards

Exeter Police station, EX2 7RY, at Middlemoor (Devon based students) and Camborne Police Enquiry Office (Cornwall based students) are open for registrations and updates. You must follow Covid secure arrangements such as wearing a face covering and maintaining social distancing. 

Directions to Exeter Police Station

Exeter Police station is open 08.00-18.00 Monday - Saturday. You do not have to have an appointment but please ensure you have ALL documents, photocopies and correct fee in cash before travelling. 

Travelling by bus from Streatham Campus: Bus 55 from campus to bus station, change to bus 9A to Middlemoor. 
Travelling by bus from St Lukes: Bus 9A to Middlemoor from central bus station.
Travelling by train from Exeter: Exeter St Davids towards Exmouth (check train stops at Digby & Sowton). Exit Digby & Sowton and 7 minute walk to Police Station EX2 7RY.
You can check live travel updates here. 

Whether you register on campus or at the Police Station you will need to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Download 'Report of Initial Registration of Foreign National’ (Form no.67)
  2. Print and complete the Report of Initial Registration of Foreign National form in English language. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM IN BLOCK LETTERS in black ink. 
  3. Bring your completed form and the following documents to the appointment:



    Completed Form 67


    Biometric Card (where applicable)

    Yes, both sides

    Current passport

    Personal details page, immigration stamp showing entry to UK

    One passport sized photograph


    University letter confirming student status*


    £34 cash (exact change only)


  • Log on to the iExeter student portal, click the Student Record tab and click the Student Record System link.
  • Click 'Generate Self Service Letters'.
  • Choose 'To Whom It May Concern' letter, click 'Next' and enter any additional details (if applicable).
  • Preview your letter. Click 'Yes, these details are correct'. You can then choose to download your PDF or have your letter emailed to you.
  • If your letter details are incorrect, click 'No, these details are incorrect' to contact SID. Any issues contact SID on 0300 555 0444

Collecting your certificate

If you registered on campus in September or October, you will collect your certificate from the Forum on Tuesday 30 November from 10.00-15.00

If you do not collect your certificate from campus you must go to the Police Station to collect it. The Police will keep your certificate for 1 year following registration. After this period, uncollected certificates will be destroyed. If you need to re register and you have not collected your certificate you will need to pay the registration fee (£34) again rather than upate your certificate for free. 

Make sure that you’ve looked in all the usual places before notifying the police. If the certificate is lost then you can report this on For stolen certificates, visit your local police station and let them know what has happened. You will then need to submit a new registration form and pay the £34 fee again.

You must update the police and your police registration certificate if you:

  • move house
  • extend your visa
  • change your name
  1. Download the ‘Report of Change in Circumstances of Foreign National’ (Form no.66)
  2. Complete the Report of Change in Circumstances of Foreign National (Form no. 66) in English language. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM IN BLOCK LETTERS and black pen. 
  3. Take your completed form and your Police Registration Certificate (PRC), passport (plus photocopy if updated) and BRP (plus photocopy of both sides), to one of the Police Stations or to your on campus Police Registration appointment.
  4. The Station Enquiry Officer will endorse your PRC with the changes and return it to you while you are in the Police Station.