The British Council will be visiting the University on Wednesday 11 November at 1.30pm to promote the Generation UK – India campaign for 2016.

Exeter students enjoy special passage to India through international scheme

Students from the University of Exeter have been given the opportunity to experience working life in India, through an innovative new scheme.

Eighteen students from a range of disciplines spent this summer teaching, studying and working in India, thanks to the Generation UK-India scheme.

The programme, sponsored by the British Council, is part of a comprehensive portfolio of employability services promoted by the Global Employability team in the University of Exeter’s Career Zone.

Paul Blackmore, Head of Student Employability and Academic Success commented, “This is a fantastic achievement by these students and a unique opportunity to do something different, exciting and personally rewarding.

“Securing an international experience of this quality will stand these students in good stead for the rest of their lives. It will help set them apart in job applications, enhance their current and future careers and help them to develop on a personal level.”

Details on how students can apply for the scheme are available on the British Council website, with more places are expected to be announced in January.

The British Council will also be visiting the University of Exeter on Wednesday 11 November at 1.30pm to promote the Generation UK – India campaign for 2016. This is part of the Global Showcase, a joint initiative between the Study Abroad and the Global Employability Teams designed to promote all the international opportunities available to students whilst they’re here at Exeter. The programme is currently live and runs until 13 November.

All international opportunities for Exeter students can be found on our Global Employability page and by contacting

Date: 10 November 2015

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