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Our security team are here and on patrol 24/7, and are all first aid trained.

Keeping our campuses safe

In the light of acts of terrorism overseas, we’d like to reassure and remind students about security measures on our campuses.

Our security team are here and on patrol 24/7, and are all first aid trained.

They are constantly reviewing our security in response to the national picture and any criminal activity in the local area.  Regular ‘major incident’ practice takes place to test our security procedures and systems.  We can all help them by being mindful of security issues and remaining vigilant.

Please save these emergency telephone numbers for the Exeter campuses – dial 3999 from any campus phone to reach the security team (01392 723999 from a mobile).  If you see a crime in progress, a real emergency or accident or injury please dial the emergency services then dial 2222 from any campus phone (01392 722222 from a mobile).

On the Penryn Campus to get help in an emergency situation or to report an incident such as emergency first aid, fire or a hazardous situation, please call 4444 (internal extension – 24/7) or 01326 370400 (8.30am to 5.30pm) or 07768 557779 (24/7). Whenever possible, the person at the scene of an incident should call the emergency services on 999 and then notify Campus Patrol to confirm that the emergency services have been called.

Keep your bike safe

Bike theft is increasing in the Exeter area, and our campuses are being targeted by thieves.  Vigilant students recently helped our security team and the local police to catch a thief in action, so please dial 01392 722222 if you see a crime in progress.  Please make sure you use a good quality lock. 

There is more information elsewhere on this website – please click for more on Exeter’s security, estate patrol or Penryn Campus emergency contacts and procedures.

Date: 18 January 2016

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