Students will be admitted to the new Schools in 2013

Legal agreement marks the creation of the University of Exeter Medical School

The University of Exeter and Plymouth University have now signed the legal agreement that marks the demerger of PCMD and the creation of the University of Exeter Medical School, and Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

The main points of the agreement are outlined below:

Teaching and learning

Students will be admitted to the new Schools in 2013.

The last student intake to the PCMD joint programmes - medical students entering BMBS and dental students entering BDS - will be September 2012. Students will be afforded the same level of facilities and support throughout their studies as all currently registered PCMD students. Their curriculum and learning support facilities will remain the same and quality assurance will continue to be overseen by a Joint Approval and Review Board.

Current PCMD students and those registering in 2012 will graduate with a joint Exeter-Plymouth award and the universities will continue to organise a joint graduation for them, the location of which will alternate between the two cities. Joint awards will continue to be made until 2016/17 for dental students and 2017/18 for medical students, in line with the length of their respective programmes.

Postgraduate Taught students will be enrolled in the new medical and medical/dental schools from January 2013 and undergraduates from September 2013. Exeter will have medicine only, with an annual intake of 120 Home/EU UG medical students. Plymouth will have both medicine and dentistry, with 80 medical students and 64 dental students. Places for international UG medical students will be allocated in accord with the national formula, with 10 to Exeter and 6 to Plymouth.

The BClinSci degree is an Exeter programme and will continue as such.

The two new medical schools will not seek to make changes to their joint PCMD BMBS curriculum, which will be taught by both schools, until 2014 and any changes made thereafter will be with the approval of the GMC.

Clinical placements

The two universities will establish a joint Clinical Placements Committee. For joint medical students, the range and breadth of places will be broadly the same as at present.

For students admitted to the new medical schools, Plymouth will be allocated all of the placements at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust (Derriford). Exeter will be allocated all of the placements at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. Exeter and Plymouth will share placements at the South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Torbay Hospital).

Each University will be able to secure Special Study Units at any hospital subject to places being available and with the agreement of the respective Trust.

Plymouth dental students will be able to secure placements at Exeter, Plymouth, Devonport and Truro as at present.


Plymouth and Exeter will seek to transfer PCMD employees across to the new medical and medical/dental schools as soon as is practicably possible. They will use all reasonable endeavours to redeploy any staff put at risk of redundancy as a result of the demerger. Professional Services posts will not be advertised externally if an existing member of PCMD staff meets the criteria for the role. Staff transferring from Plymouth to Exeter contracts and vice versa will be treated as having continuous service.


While shared finances for joint teaching awards will continue for 2012/13, disaggregation of assets and income will take place as of 31 July 2012 and each university will take responsibility for their own finances, including research, PGT (from January 2013) and the BClinSci programme. They will also be responsible for PGR students (from August 2013), normally reflecting the relationship to the employing University’s supervisor and REF submission plans on PGR numbers.

IT provision

Plymouth will continue to provide IT systems for PCMD, its own medical and dental schools and under a service level agreement for Exeter's medical school until the transition period is completed. After that date, each university will be responsible for providing appropriate systems for its own staff and students.


There will be separate REF submissions for University of Exeter Medical School and Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry in 2014. Research awards will be credited to the University of the principal investigator from August 2012.

Governance of the transition period

The universities have established a Joint Implementation Project Board (JIPB) to oversee the transition from PCMD to the two new schools. The JIB will include senior representation from the two universities.

Date: 26 July 2012

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