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Please scan the QR code above when visiting the space to allow us to keep track of numbers.

Find us

To find us, follow the path from Prince of Wales road to Devonshire House, where you can enter through the doors opposite Queen’s Building. Upon entering, turn left, walk to the end of the room and turn left again up the stairs opposite the food outlet. As you come up the stairs, you will see Exehale straight ahead of you. Alternately, you can access Devonshire House from the upper floor of the Forum near Costa Coffee. Take a left at The Ram Bar, then turn right and walk up the stairs. Devonshire House is number 2 on the map above.

Welcome to Exehale

Exehale is a pop-up Wellbeing space in Devonshire House providing a quiet and relaxing area for all students. The space has been co-designed by students and staff from Wellbeing Services.

We hope that you enjoy the peaceful environment it provides and can make use of the Wellbeing resources inside.

*PLEASE REMEMBER: Do not move the furniture. All the furniture in Exehale has been placed intentionally to allow for wheelchair access and meet the needs of all of our students*. 

Exehale is open for students to use during normal Devonshire House opening hours, seven days a week. Anyone using the room must take responsibility for adhering to Covid-19 safety guidance for the use of a shared space (instructions for using the room can be found on the walls and also at the bottom of this page). This was launched as a pilot project in the summer of 2021, and due to the positive feedback from students we are delighted to be able to continue using the space into the 2021-22 academic year. However, we need to continue to work together to use the space responsibly.

When visiting the space, please check in using the QR code on the right. This will allow us to keep track of numbers to demonstrate use of the room.

If you have any questions or would like to give us some feedback about Exehale, please send us an email at 

Opening hours during Term 1 2021/22:

  • Monday to Sunday - 08:00-22:00

If you would like to book the space during weekdays for a group activity (max. 6 people), please email

Booked slots are shown below. The room will be closed at these times.

Booked slots: Term 1 2020-21

Monday 25 October    
Tuesday 26 October    
Wednesday 27 October  ASC Group (private booking)  12.30pm - 2pm
Thursday 28 October    
Friday 29 October    
Monday 1 November    
Tuesday 2 November    
Wednesday 3 November ASC Group (private booking) 12.30pm - 2pm
Thursday 4 November    
Friday 5 November    
Monday 8 November    
Tuesday 9 November    
Wednesday 10 November ASC Group (private booking) 12.30pm - 2pm
Thursday 11 November    
Friday 12 November    


Instructions for Room Use

All users of Exehale must abide by the following rules:

  • In accordance with Covid-19 safety regulations, currently the maximum occupancy of this room at any one time is SIX. Do not enter if there are more than six people inside.
  • If the room is already full, please wait for someone to leave. We ask that you abide by a one in, one out policy
  • Please check in using the QR code above. This allows us to demonstrate how popular the space is and helps us with our aim of making the space permanent.
  • Please wear a face covering inside Exehale. The recommended face covering is an IIR moisture resistant mask, which you have been supplied with by the University. If you do not have a face covering, there is a supply of spare masks inside Exehale so please make sure you wear one.
  • Please sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the room using the sanitation point.
  • Please keep windows open
  • Please do not move furniture - chairs have been placed intentionally to abide by social distancing guidelines and allow for wheelchair access. 
  • Respect the privacy of others using the space. This is a quiet room and not intended for socialising, so if you would like to chat with friends please find another space on campus.
  • We have ‘do not disturb’ signs available inside Exehale to further signal to others your desire for privacy if necessary

Remember – if everyone can show that we can all use the room safely and in accordance with the guidance above, we have a much better chance to make this a permanent space to benefit all students in the future.