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Urgent support


NHS Talkworks

NHS Talkworks

We work closely with TALKWORKS, a free and confidential talking therapy service provided by Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

The TALKWORKS team offers support for mental health difficulties including depression and anxiety. They can share tools and techniques to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

TALKWORKS can help if:

  • you feel low or anxious;
  • the way you are feeling is affecting your daily life;
  • you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings;
  • you are struggling to cope.

You don’t need a referral from your doctor to access this support, but you do need to live in Devon for your assessment and be registered with a Devon doctor’s (GP) surgery. Most students register with the Student Health Centre on the Streatham campus or with a doctor close to where they live.

If you prefer to remain registered with your doctor in your home town, you can search for alternative NHS psychological therapies services here.

How to book an appointment

To find out more and request an appointment online please visit the TALKWORKS website:

Where will my appointment take place?

Following national COVID-19 guidance, TALKWORKS currently offer initial assessment appointments and follow up sessions on the telephone or through video consultations​.

Under normal circumstances, appointments are offered at a variety of locations across Devon. These can include Streatham Campus or Compass House, which is located opposite our St Luke’s campus. 

Wherever you access support, remember that Wellbeing Services are here for you and specifically set up to help you as an Exeter student. 

And, you are welcome to access support from Wellbeing Services and TALKWORKS simultaneously.