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Wellbeing Groups and Courses

Groups and Courses


Wellbeing Services offer a range of groups and courses to support students during their time at the University of Exeter. Our groups cover a range of topics related to student wellbeing. Please see more information on our groups below and how you can attend them.

For some of the groups and courses you will be offered an orientation session which allows you to meet the practitioner in person beforehand and get a greater understanding of what to expect from the group.

The Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Group welcomes any student at the University of Exeter who identifies with autism spectrum conditions (such as Asperger's syndrome) or believes they would benefit from being involved. The social group is facilitated by two AccessAbility advisors, Sasa from AccessAbility (also an ASC mentor) and Ellen, who attend each social to help run activities and support those who may feel anxious or apprehensive about taking part.

It doesn’t matter when you get involved in the year, you’re welcome any time. Some students come a few times a term whilst others come to every group. You’re able to attend at any point in the session too, whether you just want to join for 10 minutes or stay throughout. It’s totally up to you. 


  • Time: Wednesdays from 12:30 - 14:00
  • Dates for term one, 2021/22: 15th September, 22nd September, 29th September, 6th October, 13th October, 20th October, 27th October, 3rd November, 10th November, 17th November, 24th November, 1st December, 8th December.


  • The Training Suite, Level 1 in the Forum (building 3 on the Streatham campus map). You can download instructions on how to get to the Training suite here: Training Suite directions.

Please get in touch at if you are interested in joining and would like to be added to the mailing list for reminder emails.

What do students think?

‘I’d encourage everyone who has difficulty overcoming social anxiety to come to these events for some light hearted games and interactions with others who have similar problems.’

‘An excellent, welcoming and laid-back group with no pressure and complete mutual understanding’


If you are interested in finding out more about the group or have any questions, please email We will happily share more information and welcome students to join at any point.

The Fatigue Social Group is for anyone who experiences fatigue, whether or not you have a diagnosed condition. Come along and meet (virtually) other students with similar experiences. We will use the first meeting to look at how the group could run this term – your ideas will be very welcome. However, you are also very welcome to sit in and just observe; there will be no pressure to contribute.

When does the Group meet?

The group will meet between 1.30 and 3pm fortnightly via Teams, and the dates for this term are:

  • Tuesday 14th September
  • Tuesday 28th September
  • Tuesday 12th October
  • Tuesday 26th October
  • Tuesday 9th November
  • Tuesday 23rd November
  • Tuesday 7th December

How do I join the Group?

We will send the Teams meeting link out via the Fatigue Social Group mailing list every other week. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please email us at to request this.

Further information

If you have any queries, please email or call us on 01392 723880.


Mindfulness is a well-researched, non-religious and effective means of alleviating stress, anxiety and depression, and promoting wellbeing. This practical course was designed with the needs of students in mind at Oxford University by Professor Mark Williams, one of the original developers of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). It primarily aims to teach people skills when they are feeling fairly well, which can help with stepping out of the unhelpful thinking patterns that may lead to worsening mood and increasing stress levels. During the course we will be learning a range of practices which help to develop a greater awareness of present moment experience, a sense of acceptance and kindness towards ourselves.

For more information on how mindfulness can help alleviate stress, please see this short video clip of Professor Mark Williams speaking:

Feedback from students who have previously attended this course:

  • “I feel that this course has helped me develop coping strategies for my anxiety…I really enjoyed the course.”
  • “I think that 90 minute sessions each week were very beneficial and I liked following the course in a group setting. I felt that each week built upon one another well.”
  • “Very friendly, practical”
  • “Calmed my mind”

Dates for Term 1

The course takes place each Tuesday (10.00-11.30am) from October 19th to December 7th. 

To register and also book a place on the course orientation, please email

Compassion is “sensitivity to the suffering of self and others, with a deep commitment to try to relieve it”. Developing compassion involves acknowledging that we all face difficult situations at times and accepting any mistakes we may have made. If we can support ourselves through these challenges, with kindness, we are likely to feel better.

When depressed or anxious, it is very common to focus on what we see as our own shortcomings. We can become very self-critical and expect criticism and rejection from others. This can lead to many strong negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness and shame. If we’ve had experiences of being criticised or under threat from others, and few experiences of feeling protected or soothed by others, it can be really hard to know how to soothe ourselves. Developing self-compassion and our ability to soothe ourselves can help to manage distress and difficult feelings. It can also increase positive feelings of acceptance, contentment, and kindness, which are crucial for our wellbeing.

In this 6 week online course we will be learning ways to soothe ourselves to manage distress and emotions such as anger, fear, disgust and shame. Compassion is something that we can develop to help us become more nurturing in our relationships to ourselves and others.

For more information on why it’s important to become more compassionate, please see this short video clip of Professor Paul Gilbert, the developer of Compassion Focussed Therapy.

Feedback from students who have previously attended this course:

  •  “I remember how low I was before and how thinly I was stretching myself just to feel adequate. It’s wonderful to have moments now where I can just lie on my bed listening to music and be completely content.”
  • “I feel I have improved greatly in the last few weeks thanks to the techniques taught and the open encouraging atmosphere nurtured by practitioners and attendees.”
  • “I feel more self-accepting and happy.”

Next dates

The six week course will run online via Microsoft Teams each Friday from October 29th to 3rd December (each session runs from 10am-12noon). 

Each session builds on the previous one, therefore we ask for attendance to all six sessions to complete the group.

How to book your place

To register and also book a place on the course orientation, please email

When you book onto this course a place will be reserved for you. Shortly before the course (you will be invited to a hour long one-to-one session with the practitioner facilitating the course to ensure that it is the right time for you to attend it. If it is not for any reason then alternative support will be identified for you if needed.

Wellbeing Services and Career Zone are offering a 4 week online course via Microsoft Teams to support students through the career decision making process with a focus on managing their mental health during this time. 

The underlying themes of confidence, resilience, dealing with uncertainty and stress management will be discussed in relation to employability throughout the workshops. You will have the opportunity to work on a one to one basis with the careers consultant at the end of the course to expand and develop key themes to support employability. This course is open to all students, whether you are looking for temporary, part time work, or exploring longer term career plans.

The sessions consist of four 1.5 hour sessions covering the following topics:

  • Session 1 - Where Can Your Course Lead? (includes making career decisions, exploring values, and managing stress)
  • Session 2 - What Job/Sector Would Suit Me? (includes exploring skills and strengths, the influence of our thinking on the job search)
  • Session 3 - Exploring Jobs and Opportunities (includes how to find out about jobs, disclosure, and support on the workplace)
  • Session 4 - How to Prepare for the Recruitment Process (includes how to prepare and market yourself, job interviews, and managing interview stress)

Ideally you will be able to attend all 4 sessions as they build on one another. However, they are available as individual sessions as well.

Dates and times

Dates for term two, 2021, will be posted here in January. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any queries please email for the attention of Jo Blakely.

When you book onto this course a place will be reserved for you for all four sessions. Shortly before the course you will be invited to a one-to-one session with a practitioner to discuss the course in more detail.

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time but for some it can start to become an on-going problem. This course consists of 3 one hour online sessions which aim to give you more information about anxiety and provide useful techniques that you can use throughout life to reduce feelings of anxiety. All of the techniques are based on the principals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Please be aware that you will need to be referred by a member of the Wellbeing Services team to attend this course. Please book a Telephone Referral Appointment if you believe this course would benefit you.

Term two, 20/21 dates:

  • Group one: Wednesday 3rd February, Wednesday 10th February, and Wednesday 17th February from 11:30 - 12:30
  • Group two: Thursday 4th March, Thursday 11th March, and Thursday 18th March from 14:30 - 15:30

Please note that these dates have been updated and previously ran one week later than the above. 

Both groups will run online via Zoom webinar. Once your place has been confirmed, you will be sent a link prior to the beginning of the course.

Each session builds on the previous one, therefore we ask for attendance to all three sessions to complete the group.

Completing a nursing degree can have its demands, and balancing studies with placements can put strain on wellbeing. We are offering a course over 2 sessions to discuss a range of techniques to support your wellbeing during your studies. This online course covers themes of perfectionism, managing stress and improving sleep. The techniques we discuss are based on cognitive behavioural therapy and will be discussed in a supportive environment with other students.

The course will run online across two weeks on the below dates and times:

  • Wednesday 17th March 2:30pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 24th March 2:30pm-4pm

If you are interested in the course please sign up via this link: