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Mark, studying Environmental Science, Penryn Campus

I worked for 8 years before applying so I’m a little bit older than most undergrads. I realised I wanted a career with more purpose, so that’s why I decided to try and get into the environmental sector. Through the university-supported Green Consultants scheme I’ve been able to get some real world experience in the sector and make contacts that could possibly lead to a job after I graduate.

I loved living in Cornwall. I didn’t visit the campus before I moved down but luckily it turned out great. I loved living by the sea and all of the outdoor activities I could get involved with. Because it’s a small setting, there’s a really strong and welcoming community. As well as making friends with other students, I got to know ship builders and local people in the community.

Academia doesn’t come naturally to me. There’s a steep learning curve and the first piece of work I handed in ended up with a really low grade, but my supervisor let me know that that’s what first year was for, and by the end of the year I was getting marks I was happy with. I’m already thinking about doing a masters after this degree.