What happens next?

When you have received decisions from all the universities to which you have applied, you will need to notify UCAS of your decision by the deadline UCAS provide for you on UCAS Track (for most applicants this will be in early May). You will need to select one Firm (ie, first choice) university and, if your firm choice is a Conditional offer and you have been made other offers, one Insurance choice university. Further information on responding to your offers can be found on the UCAS website.

If you would like to defer your year of entry, or if you have applied for deferred entry but would now like to bring your year of entry forward you will need to email the Admissions team at for Streatham programmes or for Penryn programmes. The Admissions team will advise further on the options open to you, however a change to your start date is not always possible.

If you would like to change the programme you have applied for BEFORE you register onto your programme please contact the Admissions team at for Streatham programmes or for Penryn programmes remembering to include the title of the programme you wish to change to. The Admissions team will check for vacancies and that you meet the requirements of the programme and advise on the options available to you, however a change to your programme is not always possible.

‘Confirmation’ refers to the period in August each year when the University receives examination results for applicants taking GCE A levels, or other qualifications, who have accepted conditional offers. Where results are received earlier in the year an applicant’s place will be confirmed if the conditions of offer have been satisfied.

We receive the results from a number of different qualifications via UCAS, and you can check if the qualifications you are taking are listed here. If your qualifications are not listed please can you send either a scan or photograph of your results to the Admissions team at for Streatham programmes or for Penryn programmes.

All non-academic conditions i.e DBS police Checks, Self-Declarations or Occupational Health forms need to be completed and returned by the 31st July unless you apply in August via clearing.

If you firmly accept our conditional offer but are unable to satisfy the terms exactly, we will reconsider our offer in August in the light of your actual performance and the performance of others seeking entry to the same programme. However, you should be aware that we can make no guarantee that it will be possible to accept you if you do not meet the conditions exactly.

All decisions will be visible in your UCAS Track.

Extenuating circumstances

Any contextual information which you think is relevant that may have affected your performance in respect of grades should be sent to the Admissions Office in advance of your results through completion of our Applicant Extenuating Circumstances Form. Whilst we guarantee to consider such information, we are not always in a position to make concessions, but we will endeavor to be as compassionate as possible.

Amended grades

We guarantee to confirm an applicant’s place where amended grades result in the conditions of their original offer being met as long as results are received by 31st August. Amended grades which are received between 1st September and 2nd October, will be considered dependent on space. Thereafter, or where no capacity, we will honour a place for deferred entry so long as there is space on the programme and they reapply by 15th January 2021 (if the 2020 UCAS cycle is closed by the time they get their revised results).

Autumn Exams

Offer holders who do not secured a place at Exeter but subsequently sit their exams in Autumn 2020 and obtain grades which would have met our 2020 requirements will be guaranteed a place on the same programme for entry in 2021 so long as they apply through UCAS by 15 January 2021. However, this does exclude some programmes which have a cap on places such as Medicine.

Upon receipt of your results (or non-academic information required as part of your offer) if you have either accepted your place as firm or insurance choice but you have not met the exact conditions of your offer (please note, that the University does not guarantee to confirm grade equivalencies unless otherwise stated) the University reserves the right to make you an offer on an alternative programme or the same programme on a different campus (we offer some programmes at our Exeter campuses (Streatham and St. Lukes) and also at our Penryn Campus in Cornwall – offers for the Penryn Campus will be highlighted by the campus code C).

If you are made an offer for an alternative programme you will be notified of this via email and/or text message and it will appear in your UCAS Track. When an alternative offer is made you are under no obligation to accept it and should you decline, you will either be released to your insurance choice or into UCAS clearing.

Should you wish to opt-out of the alternative offer service, once you have accepted your place (firm or insurance) please email stating “Alternative Offer Opt-Out” in the subject of your email, quoting your full name, UCAS Personal ID and programme of intended study within 14 days of accepting your offer. Please note that if you opt out of this service but subsequently change your mind, we cannot guarantee to consider you for alternative programmes and you may be required to apply for any vacancies via UCAS Clearing.

The Adjustment period gives you the opportunity to reconsider your options if you have done better than expected.

If you have exceeded your offer with your Firm choice you are eligible for the Adjustment period. UCAS Track will give you the option to register for the Adjustment period and if you choose to do this, you will have five 24 hour periods (including weekends) from the date your Firm offer becomes Unconditional Firm (UF) or A level publication day, whichever is the later, to look around for vacancies. If your offer goes UF less than five days before the 31 August you will only have whatever time is left between then and 31 August.

Whilst you can approach other universities, your place with your current Unconditional Firm (UF) choice will be held for you. UCAS will not advertise Adjustment vacancies; these will only be advertised on universities' own websites.

Clearing is a service available between July and September, but for most people it is used after the exam results are published in August. It can help people without a university or college place to find suitable vacancies on higher education courses.

Clearing involves you contacting universities and institutions directly to see if they are willing to offer you a place. Universities will usually list vacancies on their own websites and in some cases vacancies will be listed on the UCAS website and in the national newspapers. We will list all our vacancies on our Clearing Vacancy webpage. If you are offered a place and want to accept that offer you will then be asked to refer your application to that university via UCAS Track.

Further information about Clearing can be found on the UCAS website or you can email

You can plan ahead for Clearing 2020 with our guidance and top tips and also pre-register to find out advanced information on our Clearing vacancies. Find out more -

If you have an inclusive call package for calling landline numbers on your mobile or landline telephone the call would simply be reduced from your available talk minutes. Otherwise your call will be charged at the same rate as calling a standard national rate number.