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Why did you chose Exeter and what do you enjoy most about your programme?

I chose Exeter as I was specifically interested in the course and research opportunities. As an international student, I enjoyed the inclusivity of the cohort, and the intellectual challenge from tasks requiring critical analysis of literature.

What has been the highlight of the programme so far?

I’d say getting into a dissertation project of my interest, and learning about differences in sports science research from biomedical research.  I also loved the passion of the lecturers.

How would you describe the St Luke's Campus?

The St Luke’s Campus exudes a note of antiquity from the outside, yet has state-of-the-art research facilities on the inside. Response from student and facilities support usually comes within a week, and gets any issues sorted promptly. The laboratories are bright, clean, well-equipped and great to work in. The lab technicians have been really helpful in equipment familiarization and booking slots for testing.

Did you find it ok settling in to the UK?

Yup. The air quality here is superb and there are seasons that I don’t experience back home. There are good opportunities to break from studying to walk/travel around, giving an holistic study-life balance.

Would you recommend Exeter as a place to study?

It’s a nice and quiet place that allows you to concentrate, with the presence of night life if you fancy. If there is a course here that suits your interests and career aspirations, this is an excellent place to study at. 

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