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Why did you decide that Exeter was the best place to study?

There were a number of things that influenced my decision, but the main reason was the structure of the degree. I have the opportunity to study two subjects that I am equally really interested in, and the ability to get my degree in just three years, while back home having a double major is a pretty complicated and stressful thing to take on, not to mention it could take anywhere from four to six years to finish. I also fell in love with the campus—you never see this much green in California!

What are the best aspects of studying within your department?

I am in both the Business and Politics departments, so my email is constantly full with opportunities and resources for each, such as job opportunities, excursion events, and society events. I discovered an ambassadorship I’m currently doing and love through an email during one of my first weeks on campus. 

How would you describe the vibe on campus?

There is such a wide variety of people you see every day, but generally it has a pretty athletic vibe. People are always carrying around hockey sticks and wearing their sports gear.

What activities are you taking part in?  

I am a part of the PPE Society, Model UN Society, and EULFC. I played soccer back home so I really love being a part of the Ladies Football Club, and every week on top of usual BUCS practices they host socials and club trainings where I’ve gotten to know everyone and made my closest friends. 

What particular skills did you gain from this experience, will this help you in your choice of career?

My career goal is to work for the UN, so being international is allowing me a view of a new culture, and I’m also in a better position to travel and explore all over Europe which is an opportunity I didn’t have as easily in California. 

How have you dealt with any challenges/difficulties during your time at the University of Exeter?  

You would think a fellow English speaker wouldn’t have any issues understanding the locals, but that is not the case. The slang is like an entire new language in itself!

Was there anything about your experiences at Exeter that surprised you?  

I didn’t fully realize how diverse a country the size of the UK could be, and even just England alone. 

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