Study and Work Abroad buddy scheme

The Study and Work Abroad buddy scheme is designed to help students going on a placement abroad with pre-departure questions and advice. The scheme aims to enable outbound students to get the information they need to find their way around and to network and learn from students who have completed a placement abroad.

It also provides a personal development opportunity for returning third and fourth year students that will enhance their communication and leadership skills. 

  • If you are a returning third or fourth year student who has already attended a placement abroad and would like to become a Study or Work Abroad buddy, you can sign up here
  • If you are a Study and/or Work Abroad student who will be attending a placement(s) in 2019/20 and you would like to be matched with a buddy, applications can be made here

Application deadline

The application deadline to sign up as a buddy and to apply for a buddy is 28th February 2019.

What happens after I apply?

  1. We use information in your application form to search our database of Study and Work Abroad buddies to find a suitable match (same institution/employer/city/country)
  2. We will contact your allocated Study and Work Abroad buddy on your behalf, and we will put you in contact via email.
  3. It is then your responsibility to take the lead in communication - we expect applicants to email their buddy within one week of being put in touch - to ask your questions, respond to replies and to thank them for helping you.