Country Host Scheme

The Year Abroad Country Host scheme is designed to connect outbound Study Abroad students with alumni in the host country.  The purpose of the scheme is to provide a point of contact to help students orientate themselves on arrival at their placement.

Who can apply?

Students going out on study or work placements for the 2018/19 academic year can apply via the Year Abroad Country Host form on My Career Zone. At this stage only current undergraduate students can apply.

Application deadline: Friday 19th May 2018

What happens after I apply?

  1. We use information in your application form to search our database for alumni who may be willing to help.
  2. We will contact alumni on your behalf, and if they agree to help we will put you in contact via email.
  3. It is then your responsibility to take the lead in communication - we expect applicants to email alumni within one week of being put in touch, to ask your questions, respond to replies and to thank them for helping you.

What the Year Abroad Country Host Scheme is not.

This is not a mentoring scheme. If you are interested in a Mentoring Scheme please visit that website. This scheme does not replace an emergency contact or next of kin: you should not be contacting your Year Abroad Country Host in an emergency.