University of Exeter funding: Commonwealth PhD Scholarships

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships 2020 (for least developed countries and fragile states)

About the award

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships are for candidates from the least developed countries and fragile states in the Commonwealth, put forward by various nominating bodies, for full-time doctoral study at a UK university.  Funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), Commonwealth PhD Scholarships enable talented and motivated individuals to gain the knowledge and skills required for sustainable development and are aimed at those who could not otherwise afford to study in the UK.  The Scholarships are offered under six themes:

  • Science and technology for development 
  • Strengthening health systems and capacity
  • Promoting global prosperity
  • Strengthening global peace, security and governance
  • Strengthening resilience and response to crises
  • Access, inclusion and opportunity

Entry requirements

Full information is available here: including lists of eligible countries, nominating bodies and participating universities.

Prospective applicants should check the eligibility requirements of the relevant nominating body as well as those for the scholarship and their chosen university PhD. The grading system for applications is based on academic merit, the quality of the research proposal and potential development impact. 

How to apply

All applications must be made through one of the listed nominating bodies.  Contact the relevant body first for their specific advice and rules for applying, their own eligibility criteria and closing date for applications.

You must make your application using the CSC’s online application system, in addition to any other application that you are required to complete by your nominating body.

You should take steps to secure admission from your preferred universities well in advance of your scholarship application.

For information on how to apply for a PhD at the University of Exeter, including identifying a potential supervisor and writing a research proposal, please visit:


Application deadline:30th October 2019
Value:Tuition fees, approved fares and stipend
Duration of award:Variable
Contact: All enquiries about these scholarships should be directed to your nominating body in the first instance University contact: