Endowed Scholarships for Masters students 2018/19

Details and contact information for the following awards are available via the relevant links.

Cornwall Heritage Trust Scholarship

A one year award of up to £1,000 for one or more postgraduate students producing dissertations/theses centred on any aspect of Cornwall's heritage and who will be registered from September of the coming academic year.

Relevant fields will focus on human activity in the past viz. - History, Language, People and Places, Archaeology, Buildings, Artefacts, Economics, Political and Social issues, Cultural (and Sporting) activities and traditions.

An application in writing outlining your research proposal in no more than 250 words should be provided.

The deadline for applications is 15th August 2018

Please contact Kate Houghton: k.houghton@exeter.ac.uk for details.

Anning Morgan Bursary

An award of £2,000 which may be renewed for a second year subject to satisfactory progress, if applicable. The award is restricted to any person ordinarily resident in Cornwall during their graduate studies and undertaking a programme at the Penryn Campus. Students must be in receipt of an offer for the coming academic year to be considered for this bursary.‌

The deadline for applications ‌is the 15th August 2018

You can apply by completing and returning the Anning Morgan Bursary Application Form by email to k.houghton@exeter.ac.uk