Undergraduate funding calculator

About the calculator

This calculator is to help determine how much financial support is available from the University of Exeter to undergraduate students hoping to study here.

Financial support varies according to household income and your individual background. While this financial support calculator only gives information about funding from the University, you may also be entitled to financial support from the Government. We will direct you to other sites where you can assess how much statutory (Government) support you may receive.

The calculator is only for first year students paying UK/EU fees and excludes Medicine, Medical Imaging, PGCE, and all Undergraduate programmes not leading to a recognised qualification (e.g. 1 semester, 1 or 2 term or certain 1 year programmes) of the University of Exeter, including JYA programmes.

This financial support calculator will not carry out all the checks and calculations that are carried out when you apply to us. You should only use it as a broad indication of the financial support to which you may be entitled.

Will you be paying the UK/EU or International fee?

Only certain categories of students will be charged the UK/EU fee.
Generally they are:

  • People who have permanent residence in the UK and have been resident in the UK for three years;
  • European Economic Area (EEA) migrant workers and their families in the UK who have lived in the EEA for three years;
  • EU nationals and their children who have lived in the EEA for three years;
  • Refugees (recognised by the UK government) and their families; and 
  • People who applied for asylum and have been granted exceptional leave to enter/remain, and their families.

For information about how your fee status is determined see the guidance on the UKCISA website. (opens in a new tab/window)

Where do you live?

How much statutory financial support is available to you

Statutory financial support varies depending on where you live before starting university. For us to complete your total student funding calculation, we need you to supply us with your statutory financial support amount. This can be found on your local student finance website. The links below will direct you to the appropriate webpage.

Please enter your living cost loan amount as calculated above, into the boxes below to give you a total of all the finance available.

Some preliminary questions:

  • Is this your first degree?
  • Which year are you planning to start at the University?

This calculator is only for people doing their first degree.

Financial information for entry in 2017 is not yet available.
If you defer your University place from 2016 to 2017, you will be eligible for 2017 tuition fees and the 2017 financial support package. Information on 2017 tuition fees/financial support will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

Care leaver

Are you coming to University after having been in care?

Household Income

Funding calculator

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NSP Partial Fee Waiver
Total fees
Financial assistance
Access to Exeter Bursary
Statutory financial support Living cost loan
Additional funding
(e.g. Household contributions)
Total funding

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