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New work by University of Exeter experts will enable better management of urban services affected by climate change-related hazards. Professors Slobodan Djordjevic, David Butler and Dragan Savic and Dr Albert Chen from the department of Engineering’s Centre for Water Systems have been awarded a major European grant so they can assess how resilient cities are to future scenarios.

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World is embracing clean energy, says University of Exeter professor

Renewable, energy efficient and flexible electricity sources are being adopted by policy makers and investors across the globe and this is sign of optimism in the battle against climate change.

'Global Conversation' takes key issue of climate change to London

The latest research on the impact of climate change on global issues including security, flooding, migration and risk of conflict will be shared by leading Exeter experts at a special event in London.

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Cornwall’s researchers lead €6m investigation into ‘Blue Health’

A new €6 million research project launches this month, aiming to shed light on how coasts and rivers affect the health of populations across Europe.