The University’s Energy Team is pleased to announce an exciting water and energy saving project starting this November. The project is part of the first phase of the University’s recently approved 2016-2026 Low Carbon Commitment Implementation Plan, which will help it to reach its 2026 target to reduce energy-related carbon by 50 per cent.

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Credit Rob Coombe

University sets ambitious carbon reduction target

The University of Exeter has announced a new carbon reduction target that commits to achieving a 50 per cent reduction in energy-related carbon emissions by 2026, and has approved investment in a range of energy-saving projects to help achieve this.

Beavers arrive in the Forest of Dean

A pair of Eurasian Beavers will return to the Forest of Dean today (24 July) for the first time for about 400 years.

Microclimates may provide wildlife with respite from climate change

Sheltered pockets of cooler and more variable conditions in the British countryside may help native species