Tree Planting Dec 2011 action

A group of volunteers from the University's Estate Development Service planting new saplings.

Volunteers plant two new hedgerows for wildlife

Staff, student and community volunteers have helped to plant two new hedgerows, comprising of over 400 trees.

The hedgerows have been planted in the field next to the Community Garden on the Streatham Campus. The tree planting events have been undertaken as part of the Birds and Bees campaign, which is committed to enhancing biodiversity at the Exeter campuses. One approach to this is to increase the number of the trees that will benefit wildlife. These hedgerows include Rowan, Oak, Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Hazel which will produce berries, blossom and nuts for much of the year.  The Woodland Trust kindly donated all of the trees (420) as a way of supporting the campaign.

The first hedgerow will provide shelter for the field from the west, and when extended, will be a quiet area for wildlife. The second larger hedgerow was planted in National Tree Week by a number of volunteers, including a team from the Estate Development Service. The hedgerow runs along the back of the newly planted orchard and will create an ideal way for animals to get to the fruit that which has not been eaten.

To build on this project a number of students will be undertaking research projects on the University’s felling and planting schemes. This is part of the Students as Change Agents initiative and is being funded by Santander. The group will present their results which will help form discussions and feed into the University’s Biodiversity Enhancement Plan

You can see further details and pictures on the Birds and Bees page.

Date: 6 December 2011

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