Green Impact improves the environmental performance.

What is Green Impact?

Green Impact is an exciting national scheme that encourages University staff to take steps to 'green' their workplaces.

Teams work through our online Green Impact Workbook which contains a wide range of interesting criteria, and collect points according to the amount of green practices they undertake. Many teams realise they have been employing some of the criteria before enrolling on Green Impact, so why not get your team involved and get the recognition you deserve for your green workplaces!

Most recently during 2014-2015, 31 teams from across the University took part in Green Impact and a total of 1,399 greening actions were completed as a result of Green Impact.

How does Green Impact work?

Staff are given an online workbook with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum criteria to complete. Each criteria is a clear, easy to implement action containing a points value. Teams can work at their own pace and focus on areas of interest to them.  Bronze is essential, while Silver, Gold and Platinum are optional.

What do teams get out of the scheme?

Along with a glittering Awards Ceremony to celebrate each teams commitment to greening their workspaces, teams also:

  • Gain recognition for environmental actions the team already doing
  • Create grass roots change across the University and beyond
  • Encourage colleagues to think about the environment
  • Can be creative and find local solutions to local environmental issues
  • Save money for their department
  • Address misunderstandings about the environment
  • Have to opportunity to lead on a national scheme and enthuse your colleagues

Excellence Projects 2014/15

Green Impact Excellence is open to teams who have achieved two consecutive Gold/Platinum awards through the standard annual Green Impact initiative. In 2014/15, five teams were given the opportunity to further their own personal sustainability enhancing ideas to create and manage their own projects. These teams are from varied University departments and have demonstrated their commitment to furthering University sustainability.

Green Belters: Can Christmas Tree

In their second year of Excellence, the Green Belters decided to raise awareness of the importance of recycling by installing a Christmas tree made of recycled drinks cans in the Forum. This involved working with Property Services to create a metal frame for the tree, orchestrating the collection of over 700 drinks cans and recruiting volunteers to help with constructing the can ‘branches’ ahead of assembly. The team promoted the installation in both internal and external media outlets to ensure maximum exposure to help raise awareness. Results of a survey conducted after the installation found that both staff and students found the project to be 'thought-provoking' and a 'great way to raise awareness'.

See the Green Belters 2015 Excellence report.

Estate Development Service: How Green Is Our Campus?

The negative aspects of development work are often widely publicised, but this Green Impact team decided to raise awareness of the many positive environmental aspects of campus development work to help to change attitudes. The team worked with Green Consultant Elliot Fisher to assess the success of biodiversity measures implemented as part of the BREEAM and planning process of the Forum construction. The team hope to use the recommendations from Elliot’s resulting report to further increase the biodiversity of the area and to better communicate the success of the biodiversity enhancement so far.

For more information, please see the EDS and Green Consultants Excellence report.

UPP Birks Grange: Food Waste Collections

Following a successful food waste collection trial as part of their 2013-14 Excellence project, the team at Birks Grange led the roll-out of food waste collections to all UPP self-catered accommodation. This has diverted a significant amount of waste from landfill, with almost 2.2 tonnes of food waste collected in the first two months alone. The team are also looking to improve recycling signage before the new academic year.

See the UPP Birks Grange 2015 Excellence report for more information.

Business School: Carbon Offsetting

The Business School have developed a innovative idea to manage and quantify the departments environmental impact due to high international plane travel, and establish methods to reduce/offset it. The adaptable model created could easily be transferred to other College or Service areas, and has the potential to instil positive environmental principles in students from a diverse range of backgrounds. In addition, the way in which the project will strive to encourage students to interact with the University’s sustainability agenda by offsetting carbon as a result of involvement in ongoing initiatives, projects and campaigns, demonstrates real innovation in driving forward engagement.

View more information about the project in the Business School excellence project report.

UPP Lafrowda: Increasing Recycling Rates

In 2014/15, the UPP Lafrowda team completed their first Excellence project, which focused on increasing the rates of recycling within self-catered accommodation. Armed with the information they gathered through surveys and extensive conversation with student residents, the team now have a clear action plan to be put in place for the new academic year in September, which will include introducing new signage, and setting up a help desk during Welcome Week to offer guidance on recycling.

Please see the UPP Lafrowda Excellence report for more information.

See our archive of teams to see details of previous years.

Team Name

Green Impact Lead


2014/15 Accreditation Level

Birks Grange

Sarah Thomassen Birks Grange Bronze

Brain in Hand

Tom Pittwood Innovation Centre Bronze


Daniele Carrieri

Chee Wong

Thomas Bonnin

Byrne House Bronze

Holland Hall

Sarah Thomassen

Holland Hall Bronze


Christine Soper

Washington Singer Bronze


Physics Building

John Rowe Silver

ITE Partnership Office

Alana Mitchell

Graduate School of Education Silver

Forum Library Green Team

Rachel Dawson

Imogen Ward-Smith

Kerry Pankhurst
Forum Silver

Student Information Desk

Lousie Macallister

Connie Van Zanten

Forum Silver

Grounds Main Estate

Sam Primrose

Grounds Service Yard Silver


Martyn Brake Physics Building Gold

Katy Manning

Paul McCutchion

Harrison Gold
Career Zone Jen Hardwick Forum Gold
CEMPS ACMs Jonathan Cresswell Harrison Gold
Exeter Halls Russell Hiscox Lopes Hall Gold
Exeter MR Research Centre Abdelmalek Bennattalayah Exeter Medical School Gold

Market Place Birks Grange

Stephanie Underwood / Matt Blee Birks Grange Shop


Premier St Davids

Gaz Lewis St Davids Shop



Jo Hughes Rowancroft residences


Strategic Planning

Kate Doyle Northcote House


Student Recruitment

Jenny Rusk Hope Hall


Physics cleanroom - Labs

Mark Heath Physics

Labs Gold

Research & Knowledge Transfer

Lois Spence Innovation Centre


CEMPS Imaging Suite

Lesley Wears

Hong Chang


Labs Platinum

CEMPS Mechanical Workshops


Judith Bannerman

Matt Wears

Trevor Reece


Labs Platinum

CEMPS Teaching Labs

Roger Perrett Harrison

Labs Platinum

UPP Birks Grange

Barbara Bodkin

UPP Birks Grange site


UPP Lafrowda

Clare Coe

UPP Lafrowda Residences


Green Belters

Nicola Baker / Catherine Moore

Northcote House 


Business School

Shirley Turner



Estate Development Service

April Arnatt

Lafrowda House



Special Awards


Environmental Hero

Jenny Rusk, Student Recruitment

Innovation for Engagement

Green Consultants, Career Zone

Community Action

Kate Doyle, Strategic Planning

Environmental Improvement

Moving On project, Russell Hiscox

Power Week

Strategic Planning