People and partners

This section provides you with an overview of the Governance for Environmental Sustainability, the delivery team involved and the various groups and networks that help us achieve improvements in environmental performance.

Environmental Sustainability is formally reported to the following each year:

  • Council
  • Vice Chancellors Executive Group
  • Dual Assurance

Environmental Sustainability is governed through the Dual Assurance mechanism. As its name suggests, this model involves two people. The first of these is a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group, who takes responsibility for the management and development of policy in a particular area of business. The second member of the Dual Assurance partnership is an independent member of Council, knowledgeable in the same area, who provides assurance to Council that this activity is well-managed and that decisions have been reached following due process and appropriate consultation.

Under Dual Assurance, Mike Shore-Nye (Registrar and Secretary), and Sarah Buck (Independent Lead for Council) lead on the development of the University's Environmental Sustainability programme. Responsibilities in this area include the delivery of the Environmental Sustainability Policy and management of sustainability risks, responsibilities, opportunities and continual improvement in performance at the University. 

Karen Gallagher acts as specialist adviser for the Dual Assurance partnership.

The Sustainability Vision and Change Catalyst Group (SVCCG) supports the Dual Assurance team by developing the University’s vision for sustainability, acting as a link for sustainability research and education and actively facilitating action through change agents i.e. focus on empowering both staff and students.  The group also provides the critical link between sustainability research and operational environmental management. The remit of the group is outlined in the SVCCG Terms of Reference.

The following are current members of the group:


  • Professor Stewart Barr, Professor (E&R), Human Geography (Chair) 
  • Sarah Buck, Independent Member of Council and Pro Chancellor
  • Karen Gallagher, Env & Sustainability Adviser (Secretariat)
  • Alec James, VP Welfare, Students Guild
  • Natasa Christofidou, DVP Sustainability
  • Luciana Edwards, Students Green Unit Project Lead
  • Sean Porter, Campaigns and Projects Co-ordinator, Students' Guild
  • Dr Andrew Shaw, Associate Professor (E&R), Biosciences
  • Andy Seaman, Energy Manager / Travel Lead
  • Dr Catherine Butler, Research Fellow, Human Geography
  • Juliette Stephenson, Senior Lecturer (E&S), Business School
  • Laura Hames, Deputy Head of Academic Support, Penryn
  • Paul Blackmore, Assistant Director (Employability)
  • Dr Peter Connor, Senior Lecturer (E&R), Energy Engineering (Renewables), Penryn
  • Dr Justin Hinshelwood, Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship), Renewable Energy team, Penryn
  • Sam Primrose, Sustainability Coordinator Representative
  • Dawn Lees, Curriculum and Work-related Learning Manager
  • John Malloch, Head of Procurement


Sustainability Vision and Change Catalyst Group Terms of Reference

The Campus Environment Management Group (CEMG) supports the Dual Assurance team by ensuring continual improvement in environmental performance across our Exeter estate. The group brings together operational activities that affect the performance our campus environments and ensures our natural capital is managed effectively.

Campus Environment Group Terms of Reference

The University of Exeter Students’ Guild is the Students’ Union of the University of Exeter. The Guild exists for students at Exeter to offer support, advice, representation, entertainment and other activities that will enhance the student experience. Through student societies, committees, volunteering activities and the work of staff, the Guild is committed to sustainability and caring for the environment.

Key Contacts

NamePositionRole description
Natasa Christofidou  VP Sustainability Alec is the elected executive for sustainability at the Guild and leads the Sustainability Council. 
Norrie Blackeby                   Head of Admin, Facilities & Enterprise Manager Norrie leads the Guild’s Green Impact team. She is also part of the team who run and volunteer at the Exeter Community Garden.
Alec James VP Welfare Alec is the elected sabbatical officer for Welfare. 
Luciana Edwards Green Unit Lead, Students' Guild Luciana is the Project Lead for the Green Unit at the Guild.

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