A strong, active network of Sustainability Coordinators across the University work to provide advice and information regarding sustainability issues to colleagues, helping to promote and encourage improvements in sustainability. Coordinators play a pivotal role in being an important point of contact within departments and work directly with the Sustainability Delivery Team to together increase University sustainability.

Coordinators are supported by the Sustainability Team through a series of quarterly Catch Up Events where they are able to provide feedback and directly ask the team any specific questions and queries. In doing this, Sustainability Coordinators play an essential part in supporting the Sustainability Team to deliver the University’s Environmental Sustainability Policy.

Our network of coordinators is made up of those:

  • With an interest in promoting and improving sustainability in their departments
  • Who lead on the University's Green Impact initiative who automatically become Sustainability Coordinators

For more information see the Sustainability Coordinators Terms Of Reference.

Become a Sustainability Coordinator

If your department does not currently have a Sustainability Coordinator and you are interested in being involved in this interesting role please contact the Sustainability Team.

College / ServicesLocationContact
Business School Building One Ophelia Lindley
 Accommodation Office Northcote House

Catherine Moore

 Birks Grange and  Holland Hall Birks Grange/Holland Hall Vacant
 Business Support Lafrowda House Mike Marshall
 Facilities Management Mardon Hall Alexia Chilvers
 Estate Services Lafrowda House Laura Kellaway
 Estate Patrol Northcote House Peter Goddard
 Event Exeter Reed Hall Jo Harvey
 Exeter Halls Lopes Hall Russell Hiscox
 Family Centre Mardon Hill Vacant
 Forum Marketplace  Supermarket Forum Gillian Winsor
 Grounds Team Streatham Farm Samantha Primrose
 Grounds Team Streatham Farm Paul Bellamy
 Holland/Mardon Hall Holland Hall Allan Ferns
 La Touche Cafe Building One Matt Burridge
 Property Services Streatham Farm Paul Elliott
 Residences Mardon Hall Liz Mossman
 Residences Holland Hall/Mardon Hall Daria Adamik
 Retail Shops Forum Marketplace, Birks Grange, Cornwall House and St David's Matthew Blee 
 Rowancroft Residences Rowancroft, St Luke's Jo Hughes
 Sports Office Sports Hall Heather Hargreaves
 Sports Office Sports Hall Neil Sheppard
 St David's Shop St David's Emma Dibsdall
Gaz Lewis
 Streatham Farm    Residents Streatham Farm Christina Gkatzoili
 Birks Grange  Marketplace Birks Grange Stephanie Underwood
Technical Services Harrison, Physics, Kay Jonathan Cresswell
PST- DC Maths, Laver Building Leo Rodrigues
Technical Services MRI Research Centre, St Luke's Abdelmalek Benattayallah
IT Astrophysics, Physics Building Martyn Brake
Technical Services Teaching Labs, Physics Building David Colridge
IT Physics Building John Rowe
Technical Services Physics Cleanroom Mark Heath
Technical Services Harrison Teaching Labs Roger Perrett
  Mechanical Workshops, Harrison and Physics Vacant
Engineering CALMARE, Harrison Building Paul McCutchion
Technical Services Imaging Suite, Harrison Building Judith Bannerman
 Education and  Student Services Amory Building Andy Robinson
 Research Earth System Science Group, Laver Anne Nicholls
External Relations Queens Building Claire Turner
 College Management Knightley Roo Haywood-Smith
 Sociology Byrne House Daniele Carrieri
 Research Byrne House Chee Wong
Philanthropy Northcote House Joseph Worwood
Academic & Student Services The Forum Jen Hardwick
Education Quality and Enhancement Old Library Vacant
International Office Laver Building

Lucy Thompson

Library Customer Services The Forum


Student Recruitment Hope Hall

Jenny Rusk

Student Information Desk Forum

Joe Levy

Outreach & Retention Administrator  

Ellen Gibbins

Infrastructure Architecture Laver David Barker
Learning and Teaching Systems Laver Paul Thomas
Employee Services Northcote House Vacant
Health and Safety Hope Hall Mike Wetherell
HR Policy Harrison Building Jonathan Cresswell
PS-CLES Geoffrey Pope Heather Ford
PS-CLES Amory Building Stephen Haley
PS-CLES Washington Singer Laboratories Christine Soper
PS-CLES St Luke's Jamie Blackwell
Technical Services UEMS Building Kirstie Parnell
Medical School South Cloisters Linda Dumchen
 Brain In Hand Innovation Centre

Tom Pittwood

 Communications and Marketing Services Northcote House

Tracey Smith

 Executive Suite Northcote House

Joanna Trump

Louise Jones

 Peninsula Innovation Ltd Innovation Centre Anton Pavey
 Procurement Services Northcote House John Malloch
 Policy, Planning and Business Intelligence Northcote House Kate Doyle
 Policy, Planning and Business Intelligence St Luke's Anne Greenway
 Students' Guild Devonshire House Emily Billing