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Careers Insight Week Q&A Panel Videos

Our Careers Insight Q&A Panels consist of fantastic range of University of Exeter alumni who have gone onto exciting and varied careers, indicating that a multitude of pathways and opportunities stem from different subjects of study and experiences.

English, Drama, Film Studies, Classics, and Ancient History 2022
Politics & IR, History, Philosophy, Theology & Religion, and Middle East Studies 2022
Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Economics, and Maths 2022
Health, Sport Sciences, Medicine and Medical Sciences 2022
Law, Criminology, Sociology, Anthropology & Psychology 2022
Study Abroad and Modern Languages 2022
Geography, Geology, Natural Sciences, Marine & Environmental Science 2022
Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, and Renewable Energy 2022
Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, and Economics 2021
Biosciences, Geography, Environmental Sciences and Geology 2021
Medicine, Medical and Allied Healthcare Professions, Sport Science and Psychology 2021
Philosophy, Theology & Religion, Art History & Visual Culture, and Archaeology 2021
Law, Criminology, Sociology, Politics, and History 2021
English, Drama, Film Studies, and Classics 2021
Engineering, Physics and Geology 2021
Languages, Cultures and Liberal Arts 2021