Students participating in the Geography strand at our Penryn Campus

Students doing an activity as part of the Exeter Scholars Drama strand.

Exeter Scholars

Exeter Scholars is a longitudinal programme which offers bright young people from under-represented groups in higher education a guaranteed pathway to a place at a research-led university. 

With 5 pathways for participants to take part in students from across the country can benefit from a journey through a progressive programme of activities giving them insights into subjects at university level, what it is like being a students and general guidance on higher education. Successful completion of Exeter Scholars results in student’s receiving an alternative offer subject to fulfilling subject specific requirements, admissions tests and interviews. They will also be eligible for a wider benefits package designed to support the transition to becoming a University of Exeter student.  

This popular programme has start points in years 9, 10 and 12 and is open to students who meet the eligibility criteria.

More information about Exeter Scholars can be found on the website to include details of how to take part for applicants and schools.