Work Experience 

The University of Exeter is pleased to be able to offer work experience opportunities to applicants studying in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Bristol.  This section of the website allows you to find out what you could expect from a placement at the University, details of the placements available and the current eligibility criteria.  If once you have read this you would like to go ahead and apply then you can also find the full application below.

What can I expect from a placement?

If you choose to apply for work experience within the university environment then we feel that your time spent with us should not just allow you access to a range of professions but also help you understand the ways in which higher education can contribute to particular career routes.  Unlike more traditional work experience our placements are likely to include time spent with one or more individuals carrying out job roles aligned to your area of interest as well as an introduction to higher education, student life and the courses available to study at university.  Exact work experience programmes will vary but in all cases, you will develop skills and knowledge to help you make informed decisions about your future.     

What roles are available to experience?

There are 6 different Academic Colleges at the University of Exeter who lead on the development and delivery of all of our degree programmes.  These Colleges employ staff that cover an extremely broad range of careers to include those that teach, those that carry out cutting-edge research and those that are professional services experts from finance specialists to marketing and legal professionals.  The job roles available to host work experience placements have been selected to ensure participants get the most out of the time spent with us and an overview of what is available can be found below –

The job roles available for 2019 are currently being finalised and will be published here shortly

Applications for 2018 are currently closed and will reopen in towards the end of the year for placements to take place in 2019

Who can take part?

Demand for work experience placements at the University is extremely high however we are pleased to have been able to reserve a limited number of places for applicants in Year 10 or Year 12 who fulfil one of the following eligibility criteria and which should be applied for through this section of the website –

  • You live in an area where a low percentage of young people currently progress to higher education as defined by your postcode (we will confirm if your postcode is eligible after you have submitted your application)
  • You are or have been living in care
  • You are an estranged student

We also welcome applications from mature students through this route.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted an application it will be assessed against the eligibility criteria above and we will be in contact with you soon after to confirm if you are eligible.  Should we be able to offer you a place we will then work with you to confirm further details about the placement and answer any questions that you might have.