Labeling publications

Academics with publications they wish to appear on this page should label these publications on Symplectic Elements. Guidance for labeling documents can be found on the research toolkit.


The University of Exeter is committed to student engagement and creating internationally excellent education that can be described as partnership in knowledge creation in which our students study alongside our exceptional academics and postgraduate researchers not only to absorb knowledge and develop skills but to actively contribute to the creation of new knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

We want our students to learn with the creators of world-leading research. But more than this we want to extend the opportunities for them to discover and learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry in each and every year of their degree. Through all of our work our mission is to create supportive, challenging and inspiring communities of learning in which our students can flourish and succeed in readiness to cross another boundary to become graduates of distinction.

This partnership is evident when we look within the University and see our students work alongside our academics to generate genuinely new insights, advances and solutions in their chosen disciplines. We have recently asked our academic colleagues to flag published papers produced with student co-authors and contributors. Now we know that over the last few years, over 100 papers have been written with undergraduate and taught postgraduate students as well as over 400 with PhD students.

The below list shows some of the most recent examples of undergraduate student co-authored articles:

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