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Intercalation opportunities for external students

Can external students apply to intercalate at the University of Exeter?

Yes - The University of Exeter welcomes applications from medical, veterinary or dental students from across the UK who have completed at least two years of their course (or three years for applications to Master’s level programmes), who have permission to undertake an intercalated degree from their home institution and will return to their home institution upon completion of the course.

What intercalated programmes are available at the University of Exeter?

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With a few exceptions, the University of Exeter will consider students for intercalation on to any of its courses on a case-by-case basis, provided all academic prerequisites are met. Visit our entire undergraduate course catalogue. If you are interested in a course that is not listed below please contact the University of Exeter Intercalated Degrees Lead, Dr Kate Ellacott (ICD@exeter.ac.uk), to discuss your interests before contacting any course convenor directly.

What are the entry requirements for external students?

Intercalated programmes are only available to selected students following a medical degree at the University of Exeter Medical School or another medical, veterinary or dental degree granting institution and who are taking an intercalating year during their programme of study (see University Regulations Governing Honours Degrees, Regulation 1.2, Section 5).

Admission to the programme is by agreement between the University of Exeter Medical School or other institution, the Head of the relevant academic department and the University of Exeter.

All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis but normally students should be achieving at least a 2:1 and be ranked in the top 50% of their academic cohort.
The final decision on admissions rests with the course convenor.

Students may be interviewed in the course of the application process.

All offers made will be conditional on the student passing the academic year in which they apply.

What is the application process for external students?
To apply please email the following (pdf preferred) to ICD@exeter.ac.uk by 5pm, 1st March each year:

A signed copy of the application form (downloaded from this site)
Your academic transcript from the current and prior academic year and your average class ranking (where available).
A letter from your home University confirming that you are currently in good academic standing and have permission to intercalate at an external institution.
Applications will still be taken after the closing date but this may result in limited course, module, and research project choice.