Classics BA - Creative Interpretative Project module

Dialogues with the Past: Creative Interpretative Project

This is a module which appeals to the inventive, the creative, and the experimental, offering students a unique opportunity to engage critically with the ancient world specifically through creative and imaginative practice. The aim is to deepen our understanding of the ancient world through critical practice, on the principle that we can more intensely understand the remote worlds of the past not just by writing about them, but by engaging directly with them through creative means. This is an opportunity for students not just to write about the Classical tradition, but to become a living part of it, and to bring the ancient past to life in provocative new ways.

The module consists of a series of specialist workshops and taught sessions which are designed to stimulate and enhance students’ own creativity and to provide an intellectual framework for their individual projects. Projects can take any form, from creative writing, to painting, drama, dance, sculpture, music, digital technology – the possibilities are endless. Students are also required to submit a 2000 word critical interpretation to accompany their project that reflects critically upon it and explains its interpretative value.

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