BA Modern Languages: Portuguese

Portuguese is one of the six most widely spoken world languages, with over 200 million speakers in Portugal, Brazil, and African countries such as Angola and Mozambique. Studying Portuguese at the University of Exeter brings you into contact with one of the most diverse cultures in the world and its literary and artistic manifestations.

You will study in an engaging research-active environment, examining not only the cultures and literatures of the Portuguese-speaking world, but also Portuguese linguistics: this includes the established and emerging dialects of Portuguese, as well as the current sociolinguistic situation in Lusophone Africa and creole societies, among other topics. Staff research interests feed directly into your undergraduate degree programme. This means that you have access to the latest knowledge and ideas and will be taught by experts in the field. If you choose to spend your year abroad in a Portuguese-speaking country, you may want to take advantage of our exchanges with universities such as Coimbra and Porto. Other students apply for work placements, either in Portugal or Brazil. Placements in Portugal can be part-funded by the EU’s Erasmus Work Placement scheme.

Degree programmes

You can study Portuguese through three pathways:

  • with one or two other languages (eg, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish) as part of our BA Modern Languages degree (providing no more than one language is studied from beginners’ level)
  • with Art History & Visual Culture, Classical Studies, English, Film Studies, History, International Relations, Politics, Philosophy or Sociology as part of one of our Combined Honours Programmes
  • or with a bespoke selection of subjects as part of our Flexible Combined honours programme