Student life

Politics and International Relations is an inclusive department with a diverse and lively student community and we aim to offer you an outstanding student experience. We are a large but friendly department with over thirty full-time staff engaged in teaching and research across our campuses in Exeter and Cornwall.

We regularly host internationally renowned visiting speakers for departmental seminars and you will be able to join the student-run Politics Society, which offers the chance to meet up with other politics students through its wide variety of activities.

The Society has organised lectures and visits to Parliament and to local government institutions as well as other academic activities and has a full programme of social events.

University life and student support

You can find out more about what life is like for students on the Streatham campus and what support is available for you on the main student life pages. Student profiles and films give a flavour of life on campus and in Exeter.

The Politics Society (PolSoc) aims to be the perfect compliment to a Politics or International Relations degree at Exeter. The Politics Society is non-partisan, and each term holds events and talks by leading politicians, civil servants and think-tank leaders, on a host of different subjects, ranging from topical news stories to insights on political-based careers. 

Above all else, PolSoc aims to be the forum in which Politics and IR students can meet new people and get to know each other outside of the classroom, with regular socials, formal balls, and inter-society sports teams. We’re here to help you to make the best of your Exeter experience, so come and see what we’re about!

Ryan Hopkins,
PolSoc President

Erika-Maria Szasz, from Romania, BA Politics

Ever since I was young, I’ve wanted to study at a prestigious university. Exeter made that dream a reality. I chose to come here because I think students are able to develop personal and professional skills that they’ll use for the rest of their careers.

I wanted to study Politics because it ties in so much with current affairs, including the political situation in my own country, Romania. We are able to analyse and investigate political events, and also try and understand the hidden meanings behind them all. I know the politics department is one of the best in the UK as well.

Coming from a different country it took a little while to get used to the different teaching systems used here, but I was very impressed by the attitude of the staff, lecturers and tutors. The classes were organised to encourage students’ creativity and ideas wherever possible.

I also had a lot of help to settle in. Academically, I had help with proof-reading and writing my essays, while tutors also took the time to explain things to me carefully. There were also social events held in Welcome Week to help introduce us to university life. 

I think I am quite a sociable person and settled in quickly. I wanted to try as many things as possible as a way of meeting new friends. I joined a lot of societies and take part in a number of activities such as becoming a member of the Welcome Team 2011, volunteering for the Community Action team and acting as Vice President of the Choral Society. 

There are so many good things about Exeter. We are given help to develop skills that will be helpful throughout our careers, the campus is amazing and there are so many events, such as Chinese New Year and Diwali, where we can meet new people. I would definitely recommend Exeter to friends.

Erika-Maria Szasz, from Romania, BA Politics