Natural Sciences

  • Contribute to our understanding of critical global issues and finding solutions to the challenges they present
  • Develop skills required to excel in multidisciplinary science careers
  • Study within a community of internationally respected scientists
  • 3-year BSc and 4-year research-focused MSci
  • £260 million investment in science, engineering and medicine

Finding solutions to the key challenges facing society, from an ageing population to climate change, requires a new scientific approach, inspired by a new generation of scientists.

Increasingly, the advances being made are taking place as the barriers between traditional subjects break down. This multidisciplinary approach relies on the application of core skills and knowledge from familiar scientific disciplines to new areas. For example, chemistry and mathematical thinking is meeting engineering concepts, and creating a whole new way of doing biology. Skills which have already solved big problems are now being harnessed in other contexts to tackle some of the grand challenges of the 21st century.

Our Natural Sciences degrees at the University of Exeter give you the opportunity to advance in the more traditional subjects, whilst also engaging with inspirational new areas of modern scientific innovation and research such as mathematical and computational biology; biophysical, biochemical and biomedical science; materials science and materials chemistry; the science of oceans, atmospheres and climate; astrophysics; and energy research.

Our programmes demand that you think big. They have been developed for students who are not only bright and highly motivated, but who also have open and enquiring minds and are able to think without constraints; those who have the potential to challenge convention. An ‘everything is possible’ mindset is essential.

Daniel Barlow, MSci Natural Sciences

I like the multidisciplinary design of the programme and how it’s based around Exeter’s science strategy research themes, which is a great way to learn 21st century science.

The broad first year allows you to develop your interests and then flexibility in future years allows you to forge your own pathway. The teaching has been excellent with lots of help in tutorial sessions and workshops.

Daniel Barlow, MSci Natural Sciences

Living Systems Institute (LSI)

A brand-new, world-class building with over 7,500m2 of flexible space, opening Autumn 2016.

The LSI will facilitate novel, research-led teaching through our established undergraduate Natural Sciences programmes that recruit the very best students each year.
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