Fees FAQs

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How will I pay for my university tuition?

It is important to remember that you do not have to pay for the cost of your tuition up front. You can take out a tuition loan which you don’t have to start repaying until you are earning more than £21,000 a year. Repayment rates on loans will be at 9 per cent of salary over £21,000. The government will meet the cost of writing off any remaining debt after 30 years. It is estimated that 70 per cent of graduates will benefit from this arrangement.

What are you doing to support students from lower income households?

We are committed to ensuring that high achieving students will be able to study for an undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter irrespective of their financial background. In 2013 we're spending approximately £7 million on financial support for around one third of our UK/EU students beginning their studies in that academic year. In addition we're spending £1.9 million on outreach activities including individual mentoring, projects in schools, summer schools, and other activities with students, parents and teachers, to raise aspirations and encourage students to enter and remain in higher education.

How much will I have to pay if I choose a degree which includes a year abroad or a year-long industrial placement?

If, as part of your four-year degree programme, you spend a full academic year studying or working abroad you will pay a reduced fee of £1,350 (or 15 per cent of the maximum fee for that year). If you spend a full year on a work placement (in the UK) you will pay a reduced fee of £1,800 (or 20 per cent of the maximum fee).

How much will I have to pay if I choose a degree which includes a semester abroad?

If you are studying abroad for a semester you will pay the standard tuition fee for the year in which you are away, ie, £9,000.

My degree involves a lot of field work. Will I be expected to pay extra for this?

Your tuition fee will cover the cost of participation in compulsory field trip/s, although you may be required to pay a contribution depending on your choice of field location. If you choose to participate in additional, optional field trip/s or field work, you may be expected to contribute to costs. Bursaries will be available to help eligible students pay for these additional optional costs.

What support is available for part-time students?

Part-time students will still have to pay tuition fees on a pro-rata basis but can also apply for a tuition fee loan to cover their tuition costs, again on a pro-rata basis. To be eligible for a tuition fee loan, this must generally be the first time you’ve studied on a higher education degree and you must complete a minimum of 25 per cent of the equivalent full-time course load per year. Part-time students can’t get a grant for their living costs.We know that part-time and mature students often have more complex financial queries that they need to discuss before they make the decision to go to university. Prospective students can access impartial advice from the Students’ Guild Advice Unit. You can telephone them on 01392 723520 to make an appointment, email them at studentadvice@exeter.ac.uk or visit their website.