About the project

The Creating Value project was developed in response to impending changes in higher education (HE) funding and a climate of constrained resources. The project was led by the University of Exeter in partnership with the University for the Creative Arts, University College Falmouth and the University of Sussex. Patrick Kennedy (University of Exeter) chaired the Project Board, which was also comprised of Alan Cooke (University for the Creative Arts), Rob Holmes (University College Falmouth), Mariana Trejo-Tinoco (University of Sussex), and Iain Springate (University of Exeter). HEFCE provided £275k of funding from the Leading Transformational Change element of the Leadership, Governance and Management Fund. The partners provided match funding.

The project has developed a learning resource for managers in HE to aid them in generating the efficiencies necessary in this new context. The resource draws on practice both from HE, and other sectors (e.g. private, public). The evidence base for the project was developed from carrying out:

  • a literature review of relevant documents identified through academic databases, search engines, and relevant web sites
  • interviews with managers that have successfully delivered efficiencies in HE, the private sector, the public sector and third sector 
  • trialling approaches to delivering efficiencies at each of the four partner universities.

More details can be found under research methods, and there is a description of the projects at each partner institution in the case studies.