Gift to the Estate Certificate 1

Sample Gift to the Estate certificate (plant/tree)

Gift to the Estate Certificate 2

Sample Gift to the Estate certificate (bench)

Make a gift to the estate

All donations are welcomed and are a fantastic contribution which will help improve and develop the grounds at the University of Exeter benefitting the students, staff, visitors and the flora and fauna around the campus.

Below are guidelines and if you are interested in making a gift to the estate, please contact the Grounds Office by email or on 01392 725531. Iain Park, Director of Grounds, will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Up to £239

  • Plant and maintain a bare root tree
  • Supply, plant and maintain 1,000 spring flowering bulbs (Snowdrop, Crocus, Grape Hyacinth, Bluebell, Daffodil, Narcissus)
  • Supply, plant and maintain 12 Roses/shrubs


  • Supply, plant and maintain a specimen tree within the University’s Botanical Collection
  • Supply, plant and maintain 12 speciality shrubs within the University’s Botanical Collection


  • Supply, treat and install a hardwood bench from sustainably managed forest.  Benches can be engraved with your preferred wording at extra cost
  • Restock plants and fish in a pond/water feature on campus
  • Renovate a grass football pitch through overseeding, fertilising and de-compaction works
  • Plant a new herbaceous/perennial border on campus
  • Plant/enrich a woodland area, with suitable tree protection, on campus
  • Install new interpretive signage for grounds


  • Renovate a landscaped area on campus, identified in conjunction with the Director of Grounds
  • Sand-slit /gravel band grass sports pitch to improve quality and playability
  • Plant and maintain a hedgerow to encourage wildlife/biodiversity
  • Install finger posts and interpretive signage for grounds


  • In conjunction with the Director of Grounds, create a new landscape feature on campus
  • Renovate Italianate balustrades at Reed Hall
  • Implement a sustainable, phased tree felling and replacement programme in a selected area on campus

£10,000 plus

  • Renovate a dry-play sports surface
  • In conjunction with the Director of Grounds, create or renovate a significant landscape feature on campus
  • Renovate the glasshouse production unit to improve plant quality and botanical breeding programme
  • Create and plant new arboretum for the University

We would ask you to remember that planting trees and shrubs is a seasonal activity, ideally undertaken when they are dormant i.e. typically October to March.  This has an impact on both the availability of material and the survival rate, post planting.  Our professional Grounds Team will plant all trees and shrubs using recognised horticultural practices.  We are happy, if requested, to arrange a topping-out ceremony, where we prepare soil and provide a spade to allow soil to be placed around the base of a donated tree or shrub, by family, friends and colleagues (14 days’ notice required).  

Please note that although all new benches are treated with a preservative, the condition of benches after an average of 10-15 years can deteriorate beyond economic repair. Over these 10-15 years donated benches will have offered rest and enjoyment to a wide range of people visiting the campus. The University values the donation, but must take into account both economic and safety aspects as custodians and managers of the land and we regret that we may have to remove benches that fall into this uneconomic to repair condition.

Unfortunately we are unable to grant permission for plaques to be placed on the estate.  We can, however, provide you with a Gift the the Estate certificate, acknowledging your kind donation.

While every attempt will be made to nurture donations, we are unable to guarantee their survival or replacement.