Salting and gritting routes


These are the principal routes that should be gritted by 8.15am during frosty and snowy conditions.

Location (A-H)Location (I-Z)
Amory car park Innovation car park
Birks - back of the blocks Innovation steps (not metal walkways)

Birks - main road route through

Knightley - path to front door

Birks - steep path Lafrowda (from Lopes)
Building:One car park Lopes - dead end and loop around back
Building:One - front area Mood Disorder pavement
Byrne House car park North Park Road - Past Living Systems - Harrison
Car park A Northcote House car park
Car park B loop Old Library
Car park C Piazza - North (Forum) - steps
Car park C path

Piazza - South steps to Costa and up to Devonshire House

Car park D Poole Gate
Clydesdale Avenue paths Queens car park
Clydesdale House Redcot - path to front door
Cornwall House (St. Germans Road) Reed - steps and paths - up to site and down to car park
Duryard - around Moberly Reed top car park
Duryard - back to car park, past stone table Reed/Wellbeing Centre to Northcote House and Queens
Duryard - Kay House Rennes Drive (Innovation)
Duryard - Lower Argyll Road Rennes Drive
Duryard - around the back Rowe House (St. Germans Road)
Duryard - steps and amphitheatre steps by Yeo Building St. Davids
Duryard - up to the stone pillars  and down the hill to car park St. Germans Road
Estate Services Centre Sports Park - roads and paths up to
Family Centre - roads up to Stocker Road entrance
Hatherly car park Streatham Drive - Family Centre to Reed
Hatherly steps Streatham Farm steps
Higher Hoopern Farm (from car park A) Streatham Farm yard
Holland Hall - car park areas Washington Singer loop
Holland Hall - loop