You can use the Student Information Desk Online to book appointments and get answers to your questions. Access SID Online.

How do I make an appointment?

There are a number of ways you can make an initial appointment with us:

  1. Login to the My Exeter Portal - click on the Help and Support tab and select the link to 'log a new enquiry' with the Student Information Desk. Then hover over the Health and Wellbeing category and complete the appointments form. (Please note that from this point onwards your enquiry remains confidential to the Wellbeing Services team). As soon as we receive this form we will be pleased to book an appointment for you.

  2. Telephone Wellbeing Services Reception on: 01392 72 4381
    Our receptionists will be pleased to hear from you and will ask you a few general questions to make sure we book the right appointment for you.

  3. Drop into the Wellbeing Centre where our receptionist will either assist in helping you complete our appointments form at our Reception Desk or, if you prefer, you can access one of the laptops in our seminar room to fill it our yourself.

  4. Go to the Student Information Desk (SID) in the Forum where a member of staff will direct you to a computer so you can complete an online appointment form from there - the SID team will be happy to help you if you wish.

Where are we based?

Reed Mews Wellbeing Centre
University of Exeter
Streatham Drive

What kind of support is available?

To access Wellbeing Services you will need to complete an appointment request form and let us know what kind of initial appointment you would like (instructions below). We have a range of service 'pathways' and we hope that one may particularly suit you.

If you're unsure how our team may be able to help you or what support is available, we would suggest that you book a Wellbeing Consultation (30 minutes) where you can discuss your concerns and receive information about all the option we offer.

Sometimes we may just feel confused, unhappy, or 'not right inside' - we may need some support although can't decide what would be most helpful. By booking a Wellbeing Consultation we can help you choose what might work best in your given circumstances.


Some students know from the outset that they would like Counselling. Counselling offers you an opportunity to explore personal issues with a professionally trained practitioner who remains quite separate from everyone else in your life. Many students find that talking things over confidentially can lead to a different perspective on personal concerns and new ways of coping. If you would like counselling then please tick the counselling box on the form so we can link you up with the appropriate Wellbeing Service Consultant.

See further information about Student counselling.

Mental Health advice and support

Students also come to Wellbeing Services because they are experiencing some kind of mental health difficulty that is affecting their daily life and impacting on their ability to study. They are looking for individual advice and support to manage their difficulties so that they can focus and function better. If this is the case for you please tick this Individual Support pathway box on the form and you will be referred to a Wellbeing Consultant who can put in place a range of support options. This may include personal support, consideration of any reasonable adjustments the University of Exeter may be able to make to assist you and, where necessary, liaising with your academic department to develop an Individual Learning Plan (See our FAQs).

If it is appropriate your consultant will also be able to help you access Disabled Students Allowance funding to support specialist study support such as mental health mentoring.

See further information about our Individual Support pathway.

During any of these appointments you will have the chance to raise any questions about Wellbeing Services, be informed of our confidentiality policy and asked to complete a short health and wellbeing questionnaire as a matter of course. We hope you find our service supports your time at university and we very much look forward to welcoming you.