Guide to completing the CRB application

Please ensure that you read the instructions printed on the front of the application form and follow the guidance given throughout the form.

We strongly advise that you follow the CRB application form e-guide, which is available on the CRB Application Form e-guide website.

At this stage you are not applying for ISA Registration (Section D) so please cross the 'No' box for Question 50.

Completing the form


  • Use BLACK INK throughout
  • Use CAPITAL LETTERS when completing the form
  • Complete sections a, b, c, d, e only
  • Complete all mandatory sections marked in YELLOW
  • Provide all of your addresses (and the dates you lived there) during the past 5 years, including and overseas or student address(es) you may have had.
  • Insert only one character per box
  • If you make a mistake, put a line through the mistake and correct it to the right
  • Mark choices with a cross (X)
  • Keep your signatures within the box provided.


  • Write over the edges of each box
  • Place stamps or stickers on the form
  • Staple anything to the form
  • Use correction fluid
  • Strike out a section that is not applicable - please leave it blank.

Proving your identity

After you have completed sections a, b, c, d, and e, please refer to the CRB list of acceptable documents to support your application form.  We need to see 3 documents (see below for further details) and would recommend a valid passport, a current utility bill, and another document with your current address (eg a bank statement, driving licence, etc.).

You will need to bring your completed application form and original supporting documents to Human Resources, Room 357a, Northcote House.  Photocopies of identification will not be accepted. 

The documentation must show:

  • At least one document must confirm your current name, as recorded in section a.
  • At least one document must confirm your date of birth, as recorded in section a.
  • At least one document must confirm your current address, as recorded in section b, and must be no older than 3 months.