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Before you arrive

Congratulations on your appointment - we look forward to meeting you! 

Before you arrive we ask you to check that the following forms and information have been completed and returned to Human Resources, Northcote House, The Queen's Drive, Exeter, EX4 4QJ, UK:


Please ensure you have returned your signed contract of employment. This will be put in your personnel file.

Bank details

We will need your bank details to set you up on our payroll system. If you are new to the UK and do not have a bank account, visit our international staff pages for details on how to get an account set up. If you do not have an account by the time the payroll is run, we will issue your salary as a cheque and it will be sent to your work address at the University.

Personal details

Please provide us with your personal details, specifically your address and date of birth. These will enable us to get you set up on Trent, our payroll system. Please note that without these, we cannot pay you.

Pre-employment medical check

All new appointments with the University are made subject to a satisfactory pre-employment health assessment. The pre-employment assessment is carried out by a questionnaire and sometimes a health check to ensure the fitness of the person for a given role.

Pre-employment assessment is to ensure as far as reasonably practicable that the applicant is fit for the job without a significantly increased risk to their own or others health and safety. All questionnaires and other relevant information are confidential to the Occupational Health Service.