Welcome to Your Exeter and congratulations on getting your offer!

This website is an exclusive insider’s guide for students who have been made an offer to study subjects based in our colleges of Humanities and Social Science and International Studies at the University of Exeter. The majority of the content on this website has been written by current or recent students, so we hope you will find their insights helpful and informative.

Use Your Exeter to meet your department, find out about life in Exeter and Cornwall both on and off-campus and so much more! We're here to offer top tips for before and after you arrive at the University, so you are ready and fully prepared for student life.

Welcome to our community. We hope you will be joining us in September and wish you all the best for your studies!

Our campuses are currently closed, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. We are not running any events during however you can join our Offer Holder Facebook group where we regularly hold Facebook live chats where you can ask our students' questions about the course you are going to study. Our Facebook groups also share blogs, videos and other useful information. 

Join the Facebook Offer-holder group for Streatham here

Join the Facebook Offer-holder group for Cornwall here

You can talk to current students anytime about their course on our ask a current student page

We also continue to update our FAQs for prospective students on a regular basis. 

We also have some virtual campus tours, so that you can explore the campuses at home. 

Streatham campus tour

St Luke's campus tour

Penryn campus tour