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StreetWise Fund

The University of Exeter wants to support projects that enhance the relationship between students and permanent city residents. The StreetWise fund offers grants of up to £300 for projects linking students, local residents, community organisations and local agencies.

The StreetWise fund is generated by fines that come from the student disciplinary process. The majority of fines are for minor offences, but we believe that it is important to reinvest this funding into initiatives that aim to improve community relations.

The remit is very broad and we encourage interested applicants to use their imagination - environmental projects, community events, improved communication could all be relevant. We look forward to receiving applications from local community representatives as well as student organisations.

All project suggestions must be provisionally discussed with Rory Cunningham (Community Liaison Manager) before applying. You can download a Microsoft Word copy of the application form to fill in using word processing software. Alternatively you may download a pdf version of the form to print off and complete by hand:


  • Maximum grant available is £300
  • The grant can be used to part-fund a wider community project
  • No deadline for applications – grants are issued on a rolling basis
  • Successful applicants can re-apply each term, but not for the same project
  • The need for each project must be clearly evidenced
  • Other organisations and agencies working with University of Exeter students and permanent Exeter residents can apply for the fund – as long as direct student/resident collaboration can be evidenced.