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Student-Led Anti-Racism Projects and Gender Safety Projects 2022/2023

Student-led Project Grants

The Education Incubator in collaboration with the Provost’s Office is opening grant applications for students at the University of Exeter who want to deliver student-led projects that focus on either

  • anti-racism and inclusivity or,
  • gender safety.

The Exeter Education Incubator is looking for small teams of students who want to work on projects that make the student journey and the University of Exeter anti-racist and gender safe.  

You will be able to apply for a grant up to £5000 to deliver a project from March 2023 – July 2023. 

Projects should be innovative and build on previous funded student-led projects and the equality, diversity, and inclusion activities delivered across the whole of the University. To help you write your application, we have collated a list of resources below that will help you to research and frame your projects.

Previous Education Incubator and Provost funded student-led anti-racism and inclusivity projects, and gender safe projects:

Information on the University of Exeter's equality, diversity and inclusivity activities, including the Provost repsonses to anti-racism and gender safety: 

What are we looking for?  

To be successful you will have: 

  • Identified a clear challenge or problem affecting students that you wish to address and,

  • Developed a clear plan for how your project will contribute to solving this challenge or problem.

What will you receive? 

  • Project funding to pay for any identified costs to deliver activities within your project plan, and for you and your nominated team’s time to deliver the project,

  • Support and structured approach to developing your solution from the Education Incubator team,

  • Access to institutional knowledge to make change through supportive networks,

  • Support available to explore sustainable funding streams.

Writing an application  

You will need to complete a project application form that aligns to our selection criteria below, and clearly outlines your identified student challenge, a developed project plan that will show how your project will contribute to solving the challenge with a budget of associated costs of the activities within your project including your time.

All applications received will then go to a staff and student panel review. 

Selection Criteria 

Please read our selection criteria that the panel review will use to judge your application. This information will also help you focus your written project bid for the application. 

  1. Project focuses on Anti-Racism and Inclusivity or gender safety within the student journey,
  2. Project is student-centric in nature and driven by a need identified by students, 
  3. Project is collaborative in nature, 
  4. Application thoughtfully considers assumptions of their project?  
  5. Application thoughtfully considers how they are defining success for their project?  
  6. Application thoughtfully considers possible ethical implications of their project? 

How to apply:

Apply by completing the online Microsoft Application Form: 

The deadline to receive applications will be 5pm on the Friday 17th February 2023.  

Applicants will be informed of the outcome from the panel reveiw week commencing 27th February 2023.

If you need the application form in another format please email   

Sessions to support you writing an application 

Drop-in Sessions

To support you in your application we will run two 'drop-in' sessions scheduled between 2.30pm - 4.30pm on Tuesday 24th January 2023, and 2.30pm - 4.30pm on Monday 30th January 2023. You and your team can book a 30-minute slot where we can support you with tools and approaches to define your project objectives and help plan your project delivery and activities. 

To book a 30-minute slot on one of the above dates, please email  

If you have any further questions on the application process or would like to discuss an idea, please contact us at