Jeremy Paxman

Honorary graduates 2016-17

Jeremy Paxman (DLitt)

Monday 11 July 3:00pm

Jeremy Paxman is a journalist. The early days of his career were spent covering the Troubles in Northern Ireland and he subsequently reported from all over the world, chiefly for the BBC. For 25 years, he presented the BBC’s nightly news-analysis show, Newsnight. Jeremy is the author of ten books, on subjects ranging from Victorian painting to the First World War. Since 1994, he has been chairman of University Challenge. For the last two years he has been a Contributing Editor to the Financial Times. He has written and presented numerous documentaries.

Jeremy had a pretty undistinguished career at Malvern College and at St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge. He is now a Fellow of his old college, and also a Fellow of St Edmund Hall, Oxford.

Jeremy has grown weary of trying to explain to people why a grown man should find it a challenge to deceive a trout, which has a brain the size of pea. He makes nice rhubarb jam, but has trouble getting it to set properly.