Council Effectiveness Review

“The governing body shall keep its effectiveness under regular review. Not less than every five years it shall undertake a formal and rigorous evaluation of its own effectiveness, and that of its committees, and ensure that a parallel review is undertaken of the senate / academic board and its committees.”

Guide for Members of Higher Education Governing Bodies in the UK (Incorporates the Governance Code of Practice and General Principles) – CUC March 2009

The last time a formal review of the effectiveness of the University Of Exeter’s Council was conducted was in 2005. A review of Senate followed this in 2006. There have been huge changes across the higher education landscape in the seven years since then and the University is now in a very different place.

With the arrival of a new Chair of Council in August 2012 and a new Chief Operating Officer in April 2013 it has been agreed that the next full review of Council, its committees and Dual Assurance / Dual Engagement will be carried out during academic year 2013/14.

Updates on the progress of the review will be shared on this website and the results of the effectiveness review will be published widely, including on the web and in the University’s annual report.

In July 2014, Council received the Final Report from the Council Effectivenes review and discussed and approved the Steering Group's response to it.

The report and the response/action plan are available here.



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