DateAgenda and papers
Friday 6 December

CER-14-01 Minutes: 6 December 2013 

CER-13-01 Terms of Reference and Membership
CER-13-02 Council Effectiveness Review Report 2005
CER-13-02 Annex A
CER-13-02 Annex B
CER-13-03 Framework for Identifying Governing Body Effectiveness
CER-13-03 Annex
CER-13-04 Assessment of Effectiveness Criteria
CER-13-05 Next steps
CER-13-06 Constitution, powers and primary responsibilities
CER-13-07 Introduction of Dual Assurance at Exeter
CER-13-07 Annex A
CER-13-07 Annex B
CER-13-07 Annex C

Wednesday 26 February

CER-14-06 Minutes: 26 February 2014‌

Agenda 260213
CER-14-01 Minutes: 6 December 2013
CER-14-02 Matters Arising
CER-14-03 1:1 Interviews
CER-14-04 Next Steps
CER-14-05 Senate Review

Wednesday 9 April

CER-14-11 Minutes: 9 April 2014

Agenda 090414

CER-14-07a Update on the Senate Effectiveness Review timeline
CER-14-07b Mapping exercise 
CER-14-08   Interim Report
CER-14-09   Statement of Primary Responsibilities of the Council
CER-14-10   Governance Code

Friday 23 May

Agenda 230514

CER-14-12 Final Report